New Things!

My order for Shilin’s Carciphona book 4 arrived today! I’m excited to see what happens next. The packaging is so pretty, I don’t want to take the book or card out yet.

Carciphona Vol. 4 by Shilin Huang

I’ve purchased and read the first three volumes and I like the flow of the stories and art. Shilin has developed a great sense for presentation. I’ve always admired her perseverance and style. It has been a joy to watch her art develop over the years and she inspires me to keep going – to keep trying. That what I want is possible. So here I go, cheer me on!


Anklet and Earrings made by Me

These are two of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I made both of them and the colors just draw me to them. There are many more new pieces that are crafted and ready for photographing. Look forward to the postings of them soon! Until then you can view my artisan pieces for sale on one of three places: Etsy, Storenvy, and eBay. I’m testing out the market areas as I am not sure which I prefer more. So far the most successful for garnering attention and purchases has been eBay. What do you think? Any advice?

Until next week, happy exploring!

The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West

Hey guys and gals! I’ve been doing a ton of research and collecting references to ascertain how I should price digital print commissions. I’ve printed rates from artists who exhibit skill that I feel I am in the realm of and I will be comparing them to set up my own rates chart soon. Things are moving forward!

Anyways, recently I finished reading this book:

Heavenly Horse cover

The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West by Mary Stanton

I found it online during a general search for horse books intending to read and learn how to write equine fiction better from it as I am developing my own equine-centralized book, Whisper of Winds. I did learn how to make quick references to key equine behavior and how to integrate useful information about horses in with the action and conversations, though the style in which the book is written is not what I leaning towards for Whisper of Winds. The theme and style of Mary Stanton’s book is directed much after Watership Down by Richard Adams, and while I have read his novel and admittedly enjoyed the storyline I did not feel fully engaged with the book itself. This seemed odd to me as I read and collected Mary Stanton’s other series, Unicorns of Balinor in elementary school and thoroughly enjoyed those (in fact I still have them in a storage container to take with me in an emergency). For my purposes the book served me well enough and I took notations of what I wanted to help improve Whisper of Winds.

That said I would recommend The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West at least for a one time read, especially if you are looking for an equine book centered around balance, compromise, faith, and patience. The equines have their own theology, which is composed of founding stallions and mares who have laid down laws for them during their time in the world of men. Each member of the herd has a role and there is a chain of command which Duchess, the main characters, has a hard time accepting after the scarring events of her past. Duchess embarks on a journey where she has to learn to balance her insecurities of the past and accept faith and rely on her instincts to ensure her future. Learning to balance all of this she struggles to be patient with those she considers outsiders at first but eventually learns to accept them as friends along her travels. It is not an easy road as she is all that stands between balance and destruction of two great influential powers.

If you’d like to purchase my copy it will be up for sale on eBay along with other used books, games, and a collection of various other items. To find the listing on eBay, simply click on the image above to be linked directly or follow this link to where it will be available and relisted until sold.

Until next post, happy exploring!

My Artwork Featured in a Shark Video!

Hey there guys and gals! I’ve been sick for the last few days but I’m better now. This is just a quick update to let you know that deviantArt user EwaGladka has graciously featured some of my art in a video made to celebrate the basking shark. She gives a link in the comments to the featured artists. See if you can spot my work!

Featured artists (copied from her comments): - direct link to the picture:…

Here’s to hoping everyone is doing well. I’ll be back with more updates soon!

Bling Yourself Out!

One day recently I sat down and made twenty pairs of earrings.

Red glass and Swarvoski Crystal Necklace and Bracelet

Red glass and Swarvoski Crystal Necklace and Bracelet

Antique Bronze and Green Glass

Antique Bronze and Green Glass

Antique Bronze with Red and Yellow Glass

Antique Bronze with Red and Yellow Glass

Antique Bronze and Blue Crystal

Antique Bronze and Blue Crystal

Blue and Purple Glass with Feather

Blue and Purple Glass with Feather

Pink Glass and Colored Cubic Zirconia

Pink Glass and Colored Cubic Zirconia

Glass Bead Stretch Ring

Glass Bead Stretch Ring

Red Feathers and Swarvoski Crystal

Red Feathers and Swarvoski Crystal

Swarvoski Crystal and Clover

Swarvoski Crystal and Clover

Where can you purchase these and other pieces like them? On my eBay shop of course! Prices vary between items. Some listings have a set price others are set up in auction. I am toying with the idea of an Etsy shop however I feel most comfortable selling on eBay at the moment. I am always adding new items, especially after a group of sales on the site. Most of this week I have been evening out my accounts and also attending the Tampa Charity Horse Show here! I love the horses and the energy of this place. Hopefully I can generate some positive energy to continue to be a part of it. Wish me luck!

Until next week, happy exploring~

Items for Sale

Hey guys and gals!

I planned to post about underwater rivers today more in the format of a Ratified Research post but I want to conduct more research on the topic before I make it available for you guys.

Until then, I want to bring your attention to items I have for sale on eBay, like these unicorn gateway earrings that have a bid on them!

Unicorn Gateway Earrings

Perhaps you’re looking for accent pieces for St. Patrick’s Day coming up later this month? Check these out!

St. Patrick’s Day themed set

***Click on the images to be taken to the sale pages where the items are available for purchase.

Or perhaps you want something green that is not specifically for St. Patrick’s Day? I have a number of other sets available. If you do not want jewelry perhaps you’d be interested in the gently read manga books such as Full Metal Alchemist or Crescent Moon. Bid/buy them before they’re gone! Also up for your consideration is this Aludin statue from Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

Aludin statue

Either way I would like to thank you for checking in and spreading the word about me. I will be working on some digital art this weekend. I may post a few works in progress during next week.

Until then what have you been up to? Have you had any adventures recently? Tell me about it on my Facebook page! I would love to hear from you. Happy travels!

My Current Web Presence

Hey guys and gals!

Thanks for checking in and keeping up – and exploring! I highly encourage exploring. Thing is I have so much going on I’m having to relearn how to balance the sites I maintain and prioritize how much I maintain on a particular site.

This will be made slightly easier by that for the first time in a long time I will not have to wake up Sunday to prepare myself to work in a significantly hostile environment. While things will be scary for a while I believe I will be able to handle the challenges that come with my new position and keep moving forward. As it is this post comes in a day later than expected and it is mostly a run down of the sites have up right now (in the order of currently most maintained from top to bottom):

Kiri’s Amaranthine Rain 
Wordpress blog with links to most of my other accounts, including my old blog site. Here I try to have weekly updates on what I’ve been up to, my creative process, and short blurbs/articles on things that interest me – and subsequently influence my creative process. Major updates are also posted here.

Kiri Ramdeo on eBay 
My ebay account where I sell most of my original and unique artisan earrings – go check out my shop! I also sell used items here such as book series, horse blankets, and other assorted items.

Kiri’s Store 
Storenvy shop where the most of my items are available for sale. I’m in the process of having some poster sized prints completed and mailed in. There are a mix of items available from art prints, rear view mirror decorations, and earrings. There are a few items listed that are in development and will be available soon~

Kiri Ramdeo on Facebook 
Facebook page with artist information. I post updates when blogs are available and there are major updates and information available. If you like the page you’ll be able to qualify for exclusive discounts from my storenvy shop! 
Homepage that I’ve just set up! The site is still under construction but be sure to check back for updates! Eventually the main spot to contact me regarding commissions will be this site. Until then feel free to contact me here on dA or via email when commissions are open!

Amaranthine Rain 
Tumblr that is mostly automatically updated whenever there is a new blog post.

Twitter which automatically updates every time there is a new blog post.

Howrse account. I play occasionally and for fun. Often I go through phases when I sell a ton of horses in the auction. Feel free to add me as a friend!


Until next week, happy exploring!

Sports and Me

The better I understood most sports the more I enjoyed them. In elementary school the P.E. instructor, Coach Schneider, took great pleasure in teaching us through the sports. It took me a while come around to the subliminal lessons though. Early one year (I can’t recall which) he introduced my class to baseball. Every time my team switched from fielding to batting I ran in slower than my classmates so as to strategically position myself at the back of the batting line. Coach Schneider caught me, however, and the third time I did it he singled me out and pulled me forward.

“Now, why do you keep running back there?”

“Because everyone yells different advice to me and I get very confused.”

I would suspect that most people would love support and advice given so freely but the differing opinions only confused me when I was put in the small spotlight of batting position. I felt subjected and bombarded by too many expectations. All the shouting created an unpleasant noise in my head. When he smiled lines appeared around his eyes that distinguish his face in my mind even now. He escorted me to the batting position, set me up in a basic stance and then told me to ignore what everyone else was saying. All I had to do was listen to the voice inside, feel out my moment, and then adjust my position to optimize my own decision.

I missed the first ball.

I missed the second ball.


Oh, the ball failed to fly out across the field for a home run but it did get me as far as first base. The next challenge: making it around to home plate. Piece of cake, right? Each time someone else came to bat my heart pounded. Would the ball fly in my direction? Would a fielding team member catch it and tag me? Would I make it to the base?

Eventually I did make it all the way around the bases and cross home plate and as I became older I realized I was taking that first game too seriously. While Coach Schneider’s purpose was to teach us he also wanted us to kick loose and enjoy engaging our muscles. He taught us to use our bodies to power ourselves towards a goal. When we have a goal if there are people throwing their two cents in our jar the jar can get full. Its confusing having so many avenues to choose from and it doesn’t help if the influential people in your life are pushing you in different directions. Eventually that coin jar gets full and the coins are no longer noisy, they’re over flowing and burying you in a sea of copper and zinc. Coach Schneider was one of the first people who taught me to turn the jar into a tube – in one ear out the other as they say. No matter what people are going to have differing opinions and some people are going to push for you to do it their way but sometimes learning to trust yourself and choosing your own way can bring you success as well. So what if you strike out here or skin your knee there? Do you still want that goal? Well, get up off your butt and go stand over home plate. Learn from every swing you take at that ball, learn to hop between bases and fool the fielding team, and somewhere along the way you’re going to learn to hit home runs.

When I am writing a character who is struggling or confused or trying to negotiate with multiple parties I draw on experiences like these.

That is your philosophical thought of the week. Happy exploring!


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