Run your fingers through your hair.

Dance while you fold your freshly cleaned laundry.


Drive home in the dark after dancing at the club but to see a spider swing down in front of your face. Pull over and flee the car then giggle at how silly you must look when dusting the spider out of your car to the passers by.

Roll the car windows down and sing along to your favorite songs. At the red lights serenade the people waiting next to you.

Hand deliver a package that was incorrectly delivered to you – meet a cute neighbor with a politely energetic dog.


Shop at the oriental market and listen to the employees talk in their native – enjoy recognizing the random ones you’ve learned so far.

Laugh at your own jokes.

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A Tree Blushing Valentine’s

I hope you are showering yourselves with love and appreciation today!

To me this particular day is a reminder that not just once a year you should treat yourself (and if applicable your special someone) to something nice. Look, even these trees are feeling a blush coming on!

Tree blush spied on a walk!

Taken on a walk with a friend.

No, that’s not literally a flora blush (though I like to think of it that way) that’s actually red lichen. Let’s have a talk about relationships.

Let’s start of with “what is lichen?” Lichen is a combination of algae and fungus – and can sometimes also contain the third organism cyanobacteria. The lichen grows best on trees in a cool, partially sunny, and moist environment. They face difficulty growing in polluted environments and are less likely to be seen in city-side foliage.

Different types of lichen were also used to produce dye either by boiling them in water or fermenting them in ammonia (urine tradtionally). These dyes were used differently across the world historically: yellow in North America, purple in Europe, and brown with red on Scottish tartans. If you’re anything like me you’ll be tilting your head and saying, “OH” because the preferences of certain historical styles and per royalty will suddenly make much more sense.

Fungus grows on the tree and collects moisture. This feeds the algae which photosynthesizes energy from the sun which in turn feeds the fungus making theirs a mutually symbiotic relationship. This pair of thallus’ attach to the tree bark via rhizines (hair-like filaments) and do not harm the tree, making their and the tree’s relationship one of commensalism.


Mutual Relationship

Personally I am used to seeing green lichen, so what makes the lichen pictured above red? Based on the research I have done the red and white lichen pictured above is a crutose lichen, which means it rows radiating from the center with the newest growth on the edges. As to which lichen specifically this is, I am not entirely sure, though I can tell you that lichen is typically named after its fungus section.

Some people think the lichen is unsightly and can purge it if they wish with several different methods, including a soap solution, copper-sulfate, and lime sulfur (which could also damage the tree if applied to the roots).

Soap Cleanse

Soap Cleanse

If you want to learn more, please feel free to explore any of the linked text above.

So, we’ve covered relationships, especially mutually beneficial ones, and red. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and remember, much love~

Valentine's Chibis

Valentine’s Chibis

Sketching Day

Hey, guys n gals. There’s nothing much going on this week. I mostly have sketches to share with you.

Assassin Qui'lin and Pirate Unicorn

Assassin Qui’lin and Pirate Unicorn (OCs)

~click the images to see them bigger~
bareback canter - random chibis - draenei - anthro ornaments

bareback canter – random chibis – draenei – anthro ornaments


These’ll probably go in the “work on later” pile but I do have a few to flesh out more digitally later – of course I didn’t picture them here, it’s a surprise!

I hope everyone had a good weekend – and hopefully learned something new about themselves~

Wading the Negativity

In this week’s post I would like to take a moment to acknowledge that pursuing your passions is hard.

I know you’ve probably heard many times already, “I may not be easy but it is worth it” and I am especially seeing this true now. This is especially true when facing your own doubts and worries coupled with negativity from other people. I’m not just highlighting others’ negativity in regards to your pursuits but also their base influence of negative energy.

Negative people are everywhere. They can be anyone from a stranger checking you out at a store register or a family member in your own home. They’re at your day job, the night clubs, and driving next to you on the road. Learning to deal with their impact on your attitude and in your life can be draining – absolutely draining – even for someone experienced in dealing with such things.

This is okay.

It is okay to need to step outside and scream or to have at it with a punching bag. Please take the time to take care of yourself and especially to get all the frustration inside either from your own efforts or dealing with others out of your system. This clears the way for inspiration. Processing and ridding yourself of it can be inspiring for a project in itself. Regardless of what you do with the ideas learn to get rid of it – to refresh yourself.

This is one of the minor things I show Kiara dealing with in the Green Book. Her situation calls for a stretch of powerful courage and gentle patience with no lack of frustration in between. Writing helps me both to show how to deal with these situations and to enter a more peaceful state of mind through storytelling. While sometimes I don’t know if I write these posts for you or for me I’m hoping that in the end they are showing you you are not alone and that they are helping someone somewhere.

Deep breaths.





Much love, guys and gals~

Kiara and J’harin – “At The Parting of Ways”

Green Book Update and Features!

Alright guys and gals, first off in the transposing process I’m up to chapter 9 of 15 transposed from the 300+ written pages to online format. That’s a lot of typing! I’m trying to take it slow to give my forearms adequate time to relax (the last thing I want is a burn out). I see a lot of things that are going to need to be adjusted and swapped around but I’m making a quick note and keeping on. The goal is to have everything transposed and then I will start fiddling with the book.

Art and jewelry commissions are still open! I take commissions for ear cuff sets (which you can see in the December section of this picture) and I am also offering special discounts for commissions throughout this year! Want to find out about the current rates, discounts, and get a special off on a Valentine’s Day gift for your friend or special someone? Check out my 2015 Themed Discounts journal!

Now, I’d like to highlight some of my awesome supporters:

"Dothan March Coloured Test 1" by SirRinge

“Dothan March Coloured Test 1″ by SirRinge

I can’t remember what exactly caught me on to SirRinge but I remember being fascinated with his understanding for body armor – how if fit together, deviations of combinations, the variance in purpose and use between the different warriors he depicted. SirRinge has his own world simmering into being and shows parts of the planning in a journal and in the collections of his illustrations. Keep an eye on him.

Syndromax aka Max Petrosky

Syndromax aka Max Petrosky

I recently met Max (aka Syndromax) and upon discovering his compositions I was extremely enthralled with the balance in his work. I’ll put his music on for soothing, to write, or to draw to. No matter what it is I start moving unconsciously – tapping my feet, bobbing my head, dancing in my head while I lay out a new piece. The best thing I can tell you about Max’s work is simply this: You definitely want to come here for well balanced and electronic scores.

"Virgo Illustration" by Karin and Murielle Regnass

“Virgo Illustration” by Karin and Murielle Regenass

I’m more familiar with Karin personally but the Regenass sisters work together in a wonderful combination of skill to bring you illustrations that draw you into a story you know just just beneath the surface. The journey has been rough but their propensity for pushing limitations and metaphorical brick walls will definitely inspire you to keep moving forward. Each time I see their art or any of their developing work I become excited half for a piece I know is going to be great, and half to continue working on my own concepts. You can find them both on Facebook, on deviantArt (Marchands-De-Reves) – or click the image to be taken to their main website and portfolio!

Chest Capture by Alentrish

Chest Capture by Alentrish

Finally for today’s post I’d like to introduce Vicky (aka Alentrish). A little after I fell in love with Assassin’s Creed (sometime after I bought the first game) Alentrish and I found each other on dA. Picking through her gallery I found a mutual geek love for the Creed, skulls, and feathers. The metal chest picture above is one she found and decorated herself. Alas, this is not for sale. Alentrish has an affinity for a great many craft works including metal working, painting, feather wrapping and painting, accent decor, and (most recently) wire wrapping. I highly recommend you check out her work for trimmed artistic flare. You’re sure to find inspiration.

That’s it for this week! I will do more of these features periodically. Keep your eye out for new ones! Missed an old one? See more feature posts:

[Technical Difficulties]

My key weekly advice for you is to take time to walk your body. I found the inspirational editing seed for Green Book 2 (which is already written) walking through a park on a gentle wind in a clearing.

Keep exploring~

On Making Free Time

We are busy.

Everywhere there is reverberation, a mixture of energy and noise that fills every microsecond of our existence.

We multitask like nobody’s business. No matter our location: walking the streets, laying in bed at home, sitting at the office, snuggled on the sofa with our loved ones.

At all hours we walk, talk, and browse the internet all at once on palm sized mobile phones and laptops which are now more like power houses, double edged swords expanding our communication and simultaneously shutting us off to the world around us.

We are buzzing by in a network of noise and information. Not only do we have to sort through brain waves but radio waves on top of social networks both in personal relations and online. So much is done yet we have no time.

Every second of every day has to be filled – watch this show, listen to this music, read this material – be entertained – be entertained – entertain – noise – noise – noise –

crazy face


You have to remember to breath. To sit and listen to each breath that flows in and out of your body. Oxygen coming in and carbon dioxide traveling out. Just like your excrement the exhaled air is the useless and toxic that your body has processed and that needs to be expelled.

Eat. Never forget to eat.

Who says you can’t have crumbled bacon in your salad? Who says you can’t have fresh spinach or apple slices in your hamburger? Mix in your cravings – fried wings here, ice cream there, chips on break. Realize that you can never go on a diet. The definition of “diet” is the sum of foods an organism ingests for nutrients. It is okay to have and like sweets and fried food. Only mind your moderation.

Go to the park. Walk your dog. Walk yourself. Take an umbrella in the case of a light shower.

I recently found myself going too fast. So fast, in fact, that I tripped over myself and now I have a lingering sickness which makes it hard to focus on days off. Nursing oneself takes time and the frustration of not being able to spend that time on art was almost unbearable.



I went to the store to purchase soup and a plush blanket. Sweeping by the aisles a pair of boots on display caught my fancy – the style of the buckles and straps around the ankles. Already in possession of my intended purchases I stopped and tried the boots on. My only and favorite pair had to be thrown out for I’d worn them to death and these had the build I favored: zipper up and close fitting but with stretch plaits at the top to allow for tucking in the legs of pants if desired. As I took the time to walk around the store I did not think about the five hundred tabs in my internet browser, the monster file of images I had to sort through, or the unfinished digital art I needed to do. Just walking felt nice, to not have to think of anything but whether or not the boots were worth the buy.

I did not buy the boots. I went home and closed all the nonessential tabs, cutting them down to five. If the research was that important I would get to it eventually.

One thing at a time, guys and gals. Remember to rest and enjoy the journey, not just the end point. Keep living stretches of moments, ride the rise and fall of the sine wave, and the end point will come to meet you.

Technical Difficulties

My laptop has shut off. Until I purchase a desktop I am using a temporary laptop to track posts, do some minor art, and update commissioners. I am still able to take commissions but there will be a delay in the finishing period until I purchase the new desktop.

Speaking of which, if you have any commissions for Valentine’s Day I can offer you an additional 5% off from now until February 14 – coming to a total of 15% off your commission. Get yours in today at! Want to know what the discounts are for the year? Go to the post 2015 Themed Discounts to find out more! Any commission you place goes towards funding upgraded equipment, covering trips to conventions, supplies, prints, and more!

Now, instead of me ranting about the laptop which should be recalled for the issue but is not, how about some feature artwork from artists who I enjoy? Click on the images to see them larger or to learn more!

“Burden” by Shilin Huang “It’s your choice whether to let your misfortune burden you, or let it empower you.” She writes and illustrates the comic “Carciphona”  a high fantasy novel I highly recommend.

“Hecklers in the Crowd” by Khezix She challenges so many boundaries and only improves in shading, perspective, form, and composition. You will love the life she breathes into her illustrations – especially for her original characters!

“Too Early For Halloween XD” by Sigeel She writes and illustrates the comic “Blood Stain” which I highly recommend reading.

“The Whispering Devil” by Sleyf She illustrates scenes with a great sense for gradient – many of these are from a series, “The Alverdale Tangle,” she co-writes with Deviant Artist InkyRose – which I also highly recommend.

“Prismatic Unicorn” by Sandara Her art is so detailed and draws you in. There are little clues in her illustrations, making you study each one to find something you know you’re probably missing.

“too op! nerf now! XD” by Nebezial Like his wife, he has me in stitches with laughter at his comics and enthralled with the depth in the characters he writes and illustrates. I highly recommend his comics, “Death Vigil” “Witchblade”/”Twitch,” and “Sunstone.”

“Sons of Odin” by Noiry I love the action in her illustrations. There’s always a change in movement, story, mood, and perspective.

“Sign the dotted line” by SnaiLords She will challenge you with her comics – your boundaries, your definitions, your assumptions, your insecurities. She has a running series on Tapastic and I highly recommend all of her work.


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