sleepy rain week

I took a six hour road trip with three wonderful characters, helped set up then attended my friends’ wedding reception, had a blast, and collected stock photos on the six hour drive back down-state in the span of three days – give or take a few hours. Some of the stock photos I can use as textures and others I can use as reference for background practice.

While on the drive back we traveled through tropical storm Debby (which I read as Derby on the TV at first). There were pockets of hard rain and no rain at first, which is when I took a lot of the photos. The greenery was more vivid under the abundance of water from the sky and the effects the raindrops on the window added created a dreamlike effect on the resulting photos. Then on the last stretch it was as if someone had dumped a gigantic bucket over us – we could barely see through the flood on the windshield! It was a four person task to navigate the lanes. I did manage to catch short video of the water spray the semi-trucks created passing us. It made me think of the stream of sparkles people add to pictures of running unicorns. Semi-truck unicorns?

It’s good that I don’t need anything too fancy yet so the EasyShare C180 10.2 megapixel Kodak I have suits me just fine as a travel camera. Since I also lack a scanner I use its “text” and “manner/museum” settings to transfer drawings from my sketchbooks to digital programs. Here’s an example of a transfer job with edits that I can pull off:

Human Fluttershy

This is an older work from my deviantART gallery and yes, I am working on the whole set of pony friends. Fan art sells, plus it potentially pulls in more viewers for original work. Plus it can be a nice break from grinding out requests and commissions and even your own work.

I read a post with beautiful succinct language by colorist and Flash game developer David Delanty who advises artists to take a break and do something non-artsy every few hours. Go for a walk, take a swim, ride a bike to the corner shop, spend time out with friends – unglue your derriere from that chair! There are a wide variety of things to do in life and many ways to finagle the impossible on a budget.

So after you’ve finished sitting in the chair for work, art practice, music composition, studying, or pacing the monotonous trail at work, I suggest going for a walk, maybe a jog. Breathe in fresh air and revel in the space you now have to stretch and kick up your heels. You’ll find there are some sights, sounds, and smells you may have been missing out on for a while. Feel the difference in texture between a leaf, a blade of grass, and the bark on a tree.

Maybe grab your camera as well.



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