Fueling Inspiration

It’s just a picture update for this week, guys and gals. My hand muscles are screaming at me to stop moving. You see, I overexerted them this past week between writing and volunteering at an equestrian rescue center. I was writing about 1,500 words each day on average and at the equestrian center I was finally introduced to mucking stalls.

At the ranch I took riding lessons at we never reached the stall care lesson. At my neighbor’s place the horses did not have stalls, they lived on the fenced in land with only trees for shelter from the rain and wind. At this rescue center some of the horses did not care where you went and only paid you mind for treats. No matter; after morning chores were finished we groomed one of the horses and I walked around the middle of the ring while the volunteer showing me around tried to walk and trot him along the fence.

Then it was my turn.

It’s an experience I’ll save for the next post. For now all you need to know is that every time I spend a chunk of time with horses I come away flushed with inspiration and aching, as always, for more.


This picture is of two characters from the Kaleidoscope series my cousin and I put together. I finished this picture in about a day, fueled by the inspiration from the equestrian center. The first installment of the short story series, “Ointment,” will be free and is coming out this month. I will keep you updated and I promise to provide links to access it.

Happy trails!

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