Shark Week Art

This week is shark week! Although equines rank highest on my list of favorite animals I can’t help but admire sharks. They are the great predators of the sea and they have survived through the dinosaur age and are still a top predator in the ecosystem of the deep blue ocean. They’re even found in the shallow parts near the shore! The more I learn the better and more realistic I can make the fauna in my stories. So this week keep an eye on my deviantArt journal for shark week, while I celebrate by drawing pictures of sharks. For now here are two completed pictures. Click on them to be directed to a page to learn more about each!

2 thoughts on “Shark Week Art

    1. I don’t know, buddy, Meg may be too much shark for this week! Haha, I fell behind posting pictures that week but fear not, I have more to upload. I’ll update facebook when the remaining sketches are up.

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