Exploring and Marinating

Alright, so I told you I was going to travel around and let the ideas marinate while I explored. For more details take a look at my previous post if you like.

I did go to Honeymoon Island but the beach was not that impressive to me. I tried a different beach nearby but obviously my GPS cannot be trusted 100% because it led me to a place I did not consider a beach to walk and swim at. It was about the length of three large yachts but not much for a long walk or jog. I had heard of Caladesi Island and was told by a good friend that it was worth visiting. I followed the directions I had written down from an online search and took close-quarters suggestions from my GPS. I seem to have gotten lost, however and I never reached. Still, I did really want to go to the beach for a little bit that day and luckily for me Clearwater Beach was just five to ten minutes south of where I was. What turned out to be unlucky was that the time at which I was searching for parking was the time when everyone else was doing the same thing. Clearwater Beach is more commercialized than any beach I visited in Cocoa Beach or Cape Canaveral where there is free parking less than sixty seconds walking distance from the sand. However, if you do know of a space for free parking near Clearwater Beach do let me know! Right now the price isn’t too bad here at about $2.75 per hour of park time. The beach itself is rather pretty and you can rent out the chair and umbrella stations along the sand. Personally I like walking on the beach so I did not have much desire to pay for one. Besides, there is a common curtesy on the beaches where if you leave your items on a towel or at the umbrella and chairs it is to be respected and left alone, something I observed many people doing. The beach right now is nice in the mornings; any time after noon and you’ll get baking hot sun, a clamor for parking and a thronging crowd of tourists and fanatics.

Also nearby is a biking trail that follows along with some roadways but breaks away and leads you under bridges and amongst trees. I have not tried it out yet but I’ll be more willing when the weather here cools down. I have to admit that while I do like being outdoors and exploring if it’s too hot I shut down. All that means is my better adventures will occur later in the year and will at least get a mention on this blog after they occur. Still to do: visit the bike trail, go to Fort Desoto (the beach for I have visited the fort and nature trail), schedule a horseback trail ride with friends, start art requests, edit next week’s blog post, and prepare for a self-published novel contest.

As for marinating ideas, the following makes me thing putting aside the writing for at least a little while was a good idea: I’ve been commissioned for a project that is now going smoothly, and is one I will tell you about later; I managed to rewrite an underdeveloped section of Poker Face, story two in the Kaleidoscope series, sufficiently and now it is ready for edits; and I look forward to waking up early and taking that average half an hour drive to the beach for a run and a swim on occasional mornings. Yes, it has only been a week but right now it feels good. I talk big about wanting to leave Florida because I cannot stand the weather, but that does not mean that when the weather is good I’m going to closet myself inside and not enjoy the better parts of Florida while I am here. Wherever you are, whether it is somewhere you are tired of or somewhere you cannot stand, learn to enjoy the better parts of it while you have it, because when you are finally gone the things you miss will be behind you as well. If you really have nothing good in your area then take a risk. Step out of it. Take trips, walk out, make a change, but most of all, stop talking about it and do it~

On that note I’ll leave you with a picture from a scene in my long term novel:

Want to read my short story Ointment for free? Go here. The next installment in the Kaleidoscope series is Poker Face which is currently undergoing edits and is due out in October.

For any other links to my art page, Twitter, or Tumblr accounts go to the “About…” tab at the top of this blog.

Tell me what you think! Are there places a city or two away from you you would like to explore? Are there places in Florida you want me to visit and review? Let me know in the comments below or on my Twitter account!

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