Mac Embroidery

I mentioned that I dabble in many areas of art. This week in particular I am finishing off a pillow gift for a friend. I sew two different colors together years ago and now I’m getting to embroider each side before stuffing it. I have not done embroidery in a few years so I am constantly nervous that I will mess something up.

One side of the pillow has a happy mac image and the other side has the sad mac counterpart. Apple started using these in 1984 but retired them as a standard start up image around 2002. They’re really cute! I remember seeing them on the screens when I was younger and to be honest I kind of miss them.

Anyways, here is how I mapped out the design on the pillow:


I sketched the icon on a pice of paper, folded the edges of said paper, and then traced around it for the border. I averaged the inner lines but if you would like an exact placement I’d recommend the ruler or a stencil. For this fabric I used a pencil for the lighter side and a white colored pencil for the darker side. If the material you’re using is as stretchy as mine go slowly and try not to get frustrated and make your line too dark. It will wash out but in the case that you make a wrong dark mark you may not want to chance it. Next:

I started at one corner and used a simple back stitch. If you use a really really long thread like me be careful not to let it get tangled and knotted when pilling it through the hole. The thread my twist and knot on its own so I suggest holding part of the threat you’re pulling through away from the hole and let it slip through your fingers, neutralizing any potential knots, while you pull it through the hole with your other hand. In the end:

The finished embroidery looks like this. This is just one side of the pillow.

I recommend a size 1-5 embroidery needle for small projects. I used white embroidery floss, which is six threads thick so I only used two threads at a time. The whole project took me only about one packet of eight yard embroidery floss.

Now go out and try something new!


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