Private Bubble of Art

This week was rather stressful for me for reasons I will not go into. Those are rather personal and I want to sort through them in the peace and quiet of my own head. Sometimes when I have trouble or an issue or problem I like to talk to friends and I do not always do it for advice. Sometimes I just want someone to listen and give me a hug or do something fun with me. Other times I would appreciate advice. There are also times when I prefer to search the internet and after doing so take a while to let the thoughts or options or what have you broil slowly in my head until I can write it out or come to a resolution on my own because the voices of my friends and family are much too loud. It’s like standing under a barrage of arrows, crouching in the shade with the Spartans, when you need at least the cloud-shielded earth if not sunlight to just be able to breathe. In the end I picture myself in space and produce a bubble that acts as a shield. While everything else bangs constantly to permeate the membrane I make myself like a cell nucleus and regulate the one to three items allowed in at a time. It’s that or fixate an image of the things that calms me down the most in my mind.

So, after leaving you with a rather ambiguous opening I will show you a picture.

The pillow for my friend is done! Also, they are not paying me to advertise by showing and telling about this pillow. It was very fun to complete this gift for a long time friend of mine. Also I’ve been just sketching to practice a few things. Take a look, and enjoy until next week!


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