Month: October 2012

Keeping a Mind on Your Inspiration

So, did you have a nice break last week? What did you get up to while I was away? Hopefully you didn’t do anything too mischievous and instead discovered something new about yourself or the area around you.

For this week’s post I’d like to take a moment to recognize the significance of childhood inspirations. They can be a large portion of the driving point in your life. Maybe it’s the mascot under the bow of your ship as it cuts through the storm waves life throws at your ship. As you go through life maybe you loose it for a while; maybe you hold onto it and it takes you not necessarily where you want to go but where you are needed; maybe you forget it completely (and hopefully find a new inspiration). Of those options I have managed to keep my original source of inspiration relatively close in mind if not in physical presence.

My original inspiration is the scientific family Equidae. For me this includes all horses in general; zebras, Przewalsi’s horse, pegasi, unicorns, kirin, thestrals, kelpie, Sleipnir, warm blood breeds, cold blood breeds, medicine, associated natural remedies, riding, grooming, training, tricks- you get the picture.

The most notable influence for me started between pony rides when I was a child, She-Ra’s steed Swift Wind, and Peter S. Beagle’s The Last Unicorn.

my collection

Keep in mind that this post is not a review about the series but did you know that there is not only a book and a movie but also a graphic novel for Beagle’s work? If you manage to pick up a copy of the book with a foreword by him you’ll see that he actually composed the beautifully worded work in a rough time in his life.

Spirit turning into Swift Wind in the She-ra series to me is a melding between the real and the imaginary; the connection between the written work/media about horses and actually walking beside and working with horses in person. While to me written work involving equines can be inspiring but it’s just incomplete without the physical touch of the horses that I volunteer around. I’ve come to realize that sometimes there are people, sometimes there are car-people who breathe the language of engine mechanics; sometimes there are fashion-people who know the difference in eras or styles just by the stitch; and sometimes there are horse-people who can spin you tales about breeds, tissue-swelling bedding, and lactic acid that can make a horse damned irritable.

If you find in some part of your life that some thing or activity is uplifting, inspiring, or a driving force I urge you not to let it slip completely between your fingers. Find one of the long strings dangling from the balloons that seem to be flying away from you and hold fast. When you can’t reach them running on the ground take a vaulting dive from the cliff edge and don’t worry too much about the possibility of the fall. You are a survivor. Even if you fall you’ll find somehow you’ve learned to glide, or to dive into the water below and swim. There is always, always something calling your name and is always, always in danger of being drowned out by the clamor and clash of the world. Sometimes taking the first steps of that run is the hardest part and sometimes when you do accomplish your goal or dream you may fear there will be nothing left afterwards – but that could be the beauty in it: you’ll get to set a new goal.

However that’s enough heavy cryptic words from me. Instead I hope you all are doing well and exploring! Take a break for yourself every once in a while. If you don’t treat yourself well no one else will. Also, remember to take a moment and think of the things that inspire you, so that when you’re stuck at that desk job or hanging up clothes at a temporary job you can grow that little garden in your head and rejuvenate yourself.

That is all from me today. Have yourselves a happy Halloween!

lineart I colored from deviantArt

Until next week, happy trails~

more new art

This is a late post and my only excuse is being busy running around making appointments and avoiding being bitten by dogs.

Poker Face was supposed to come out this week but it has been caught up in editing delays. You can still read the first story in the Kaleidoscope series for free on Smashwords. Leave a review or let me know if you have a problem viewing it! The second story, Poker Face, will be released (hopefully) on November 16th on Smashwords.

There will be no post next week on October 24 (next week). This will allow me to do some catching up both with writing and art; then I can speak to you in more than a monotone drawl (or at least I imagine this as a monotone drawl). If you want any updates in that week keep an eye on my deviantArt page which you can link to either in the “About…” tab above or via any of the pictures below.

MLP fanart for a request – compare it to the previous journal to see the sketch!

I was horrible at pixel art before but I managed these with the help of a tutorial. Want one? Go to my dA page to request a custom one free one!

See you on Halloween!

just new art

This week was very busy for me and due to personal reasons I’ll be busy for a few weeks so the next few posts will probably be short.  This week I just have some art that I have done recently to show. I have not been able to sit down and write unfortunately and in favor oof not jinxing any intention I do have to write this week I will not say any more on the topic for now. My advice to you this week is to take a breather after working so hard for so long. We are very much like energizer batteries – we can keep going and going and going but every now and then we all need a recharge.

for a 100 Themes challenge that you can read more about by clicking the image

An experiment with texture and pose.
*disclaimer: I do not own Korra and this is not a promotion campaign.


A request I am currently working on.
*disclaimer: I do not own My Little Pony and this is not a promotion campaign.


Many Different Ways

I have different kind of art styles. Some are simple, some are dramatic, some are clean cut, some are a bit messy. What gets complicated when deciding what to do for a style is the colors of lighting and tints of shading. Here is the process for one such coloring process also posted on my art account.

These are more muted colors and the shadows stay in the hue range of their own darker colors. Here are two examples of dramatic shading:


I like dark shades and different colored shadows and lighting. Then of course there’s a chibi style which I struggle with that originates in manga styles:

What do you think? Is it cute?

The point this week is though people can do different things. You may not be able to shade skin as well as some artists can but maybe you’re the best at doing algebra quickly in your head or perhaps there are different things you can carve out of wood. You could be the only one of your friends who can hold their breath under water for more than sixty seconds or your winter chili could be the meal of the year. For me, though I am capable in many creative fields I do different things in those fields. As you can see above I have a few different coloring styles. In the same way some of my books in progress are in the first person point of view (p.o.v.) while others are in third person p.o.v. How do we find out if we can do something? My answer: by trying it first. Feel it out and give it a few rounds. If you do try it once and find you are violently adverse to it then perhaps that activity is not your forte. There are some cases where you are not going to be a natural at a task but you really want to do it. Just remember that not every carpenter starts out as a genius and avoids every splinter.

Until next week, enjoy!