Many Different Ways

I have different kind of art styles. Some are simple, some are dramatic, some are clean cut, some are a bit messy. What gets complicated when deciding what to do for a style is the colors of lighting and tints of shading. Here is the process for one such coloring process also posted on my art account.

These are more muted colors and the shadows stay in the hue range of their own darker colors. Here are two examples of dramatic shading:


I like dark shades and different colored shadows and lighting. Then of course there’s a chibi style which I struggle with that originates in manga styles:

What do you think? Is it cute?

The point this week is though people can do different things. You may not be able to shade skin as well as some artists can but maybe you’re the best at doing algebra quickly in your head or perhaps there are different things you can carve out of wood. You could be the only one of your friends who can hold their breath under water for more than sixty seconds or your winter chili could be the meal of the year. For me, though I am capable in many creative fields I do different things in those fields. As you can see above I have a few different coloring styles. In the same way some of my books in progress are in the first person point of view (p.o.v.) while others are in third person p.o.v. How do we find out if we can do something? My answer: by trying it first. Feel it out and give it a few rounds. If you do try it once and find you are violently adverse to it then perhaps that activity is not your forte. There are some cases where you are not going to be a natural at a task but you really want to do it. Just remember that not every carpenter starts out as a genius and avoids every splinter.

Until next week, enjoy!

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