more new art

This is a late post and my only excuse is being busy running around making appointments and avoiding being bitten by dogs.

Poker Face was supposed to come out this week but it has been caught up in editing delays. You can still read the first story in the Kaleidoscope series for free on Smashwords. Leave a review or let me know if you have a problem viewing it! The second story, Poker Face, will be released (hopefully) on November 16th on Smashwords.

There will be no post next week on October 24 (next week). This will allow me to do some catching up both with writing and art; then I can speak to you in more than a monotone drawl (or at least I imagine this as a monotone drawl). If you want any updates in that week keep an eye on my deviantArt page which you can link to either in the “About…” tab above or via any of the pictures below.

MLP fanart for a request – compare it to the previous journal to see the sketch!

I was horrible at pixel art before but I managed these with the help of a tutorial. Want one? Go to my dA page to request a custom one free one!

See you on Halloween!


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