Walkabout Plant Sketches

Alright guys and gals, this week’s post is early because I have to take my laptop in for servicing and I may not get it back until Thursday. I would also prefer not to log onto my private accounts via other computers if I can help it. I may or may not post again on Thursday. It’ll depend on if I get my laptop back in time. Maybe I can start posting bi-weekly in 2013. What do you think?

Also, if all goes well with the laptop I’ll be releasing the second Kaleidoscope story on Smashwords later this week! If you haven’t read the first story yet go check it out for free here. After the third story is released you will have officially met the four driving characters for this series. Isn’t that exciting? Now, onto this week’s post!

So, remember I said walks outside clear my head and potentially help me brew ideas? If not feel free to skim my previous post Raptor Carcass for this post stems from the same walk.

The walk started as just a walk around my neighborhood but I found a path to the sidewalk by the road. On the way I saw some strange plants and flowers I never really looked at before. I set my watch and made a mental notes of the most interesting ones going one way. On the way back I snagged a part of each plant. While I am not in the habit of collecting and preserving greenery I am quite aware that my artistry skills in the area of background foliage is rather lacking. So, the purpose of my cataloging and collecting on this walk was to practice sketching the flora. I am also hoping it will give me ideas on how to describe and create some of the herbs and more notable plants in my larger novel work. I had to hold the plant pieces behind my back on the way home to shield them from being flattened by the wind. Usually the wind in my area is not too strong but the gusts were from the outer edges of a storm which probably felt obligated to send some semblance of its presence further north, the last breath of the butterfly’s wings, so to speak.

Anyways, here are the plants I did manage to collect and sketch. I don’t know the names of all of them and I tried to look up some on the internet. Do any of you know what these are? Let me know in the comments below!

this was them right after I returned home
sketching them helps me understand how they’re put together and the different types – we should have done this in my environmental lab class!
now, with notes added, I can use the information to draw plants in illustrations and make up some of my own realistically functioning plants for stories

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