Picture Progress

Alright guys and gals, I’ve got my laptop back but it had to be wiped. I’m not going to even fiddle with my adobe collection until after this weekend so any digital art projects I have in progress are going to be further delayed. Sometimes this is frustrating but at other times it is a strange sort of blessing. I say this because I am able to sort and organize all my projects and put fast work into setting the ground sketches.

As for writing I am still progressing at about a thousand words a day. The Green Book seems to have entered a steady phase where I can work out the ideas and put them down fairly rapidly. While I am writing I am sketching the characters from my work – both past and future scenes and moments. Since I am not working with digital media at the moment they’re all pencil sketches and unfortunately you will not get to see them until much later. In the mean time I am contemplating sketches for a graphic work submission (which will hopefully be ready at the end of January 2013). As for other submissions I did submit poetry to Spry! I only recently found out about this literature magazine but it’s a step forward for me. There is the Barley South Review taking submissions until the end of this November where I can submit one of each genre per cycle – including art! If I can’t make it then I’ll have plenty of time to polish for submissions starting again in January. Do you have any work that may fit with the Barley South Review? Go submit!

Also! If you liked my free short story Ointment you will be pleased to know the next story in the Kaleidoscope series, Poker Face, has been published on Smashwords! Now listen up everyone: there will be a Kaleidoscope short story published every two months. That’s right, this means the third short in the series is coming out in January! Want more updates on Kaleidoscope art or publications? Go to the “About…” tab above where you can find my Twitter and deviantArt site to browse at your leisure.

That’s all for this week. For now have some pictures I’m slowly getting back into working on:

this is a requested work from my art site – I take requests about once or twice a year
characters from my major work and a reference from another artist – click on the image to find out more
a picture for a 100 theme challenge – follow the link to find out more about the challenge an its pictures!

Happy Thanksgiving too all my American readers!


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