computer problems

Sorry all, this weeks post has been delayed due to computer problems. Every time I try to work on the post I had planned the internet cut out as if it was allergic to the topic.

As it is I have killed two pens recently writing in the Green Book. When I write I do not tend to go back over my work and make edits until the piece is at least 95% finished. As it stands the Green Book is nowhere near ready for edits, just side notes as I write. I have read and experienced that if you go back and look over your work before you’re finished you’ll get caught up in edits and just keep editing rather than finish the piece which results in becoming stuck. Here’s your writer tip for the week: when working on a poem, short story, novel, essay, etc try not to start editing before you have laid out the basic skeleton of it. After all if there are no bones on the the table how are you going to find the broken one?

Obscure references aside, all I have for you picture-wise this week is the result of my most recent chemistry project:

homemade apple pie with caramel red wine sauce



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