There has not been much writing this week, mostly because I am tired at the cause of sickness, but also because I am doing some art. I’ve been able to do illustrations for both my own stories and for a commission. I am very behind on requests on my art site though. I’m just getting back in touch with using photoshop and I’m hoping the heating problems with my laptop will not continue when I work with my Adobe programs. Cross your fingers for me!

This week I have an illustration and the process for it from the main novel I talk about on this blog, the Green Book.


To see the process I used to make this image, click on this linked text.

This illustration is of the main character in a scene that may or may not be included in the finished work. It developed in my mind while I was looking at an art book that a friend gave me. Sometimes sketching out a scene that I have not written yet helps me determine if I want to write it or not. It is as if by sketching it I prewritten it and can compare it to the storyline as a whole. After I see the scene I can ask these questions: Does it work? What is missing? Can I strip and salvage it? What do the involved characters have to go through to get to this point? Where the heck on the map is this?  Who else should be here? Are these the correct clothes for the area they’re in? Is it necessary? Most of the time the picture depicts something that helps me write the scene – to better visualize it. Other times the picture is just background information that I can group with any cut portions of the book (which will then be grouped into a companion book for any interested after the book is out). Usually if I am going through the trouble to picture it and put it down on paper some part of that original sketch, clothing design, or concept survives.

The above image took me the course of one day to do the pencil sketch, marker, color pencils, and editing in photoshop (though the time does not account for breaks and taking it slow). If I had to estimate I would guess this took only a handful of hours.

What about you? Does drawing or browsing pictures help stimulate your creative juices? Let me know!

Until next week, happy trails~


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