The End of the World and African Wildlife

Well, it’s a late post this week, but I’ll be inside Wednesday – so it counts! I haven’t been writing much in my works this week. Instead I’ve finished the first half of an art project for a friend and started a sewing project.

According to fear and unrest shared by many individuals in the human population of Earth, the end of the world is December 21st 2012. Over the past year there have been great upheavals that have caught our attention: rebellions, issues in public health, gun crime, riots, changes in leadership and warfare, and mother nature has been tossing hurricanes one way and setting off volcanoes in another direction. There are a great number of theories about how we could go and as such I am not going to list them.

If it does turn out to be a great natural disaster, I’ll bet you wished you recycled more, eh?

Ultimately I believe that the “end of the world” is actually going to be a great shift in the ages of the Earth, whether it’s a natural, political, or another but I don’t think the Earth is going to shake out of orbit on that day (knock on wood). Honestly the only thing I’d be worried about on December 21, 2012 is the danger from rioters and people whose mental capacity is “I can do whatever I want today because tomorrow it’s not going to matter!” Uhm.

So me, I’m going to spend some time with the friends I can meet with. If I need to I’ve got the means to get out of whatever city I’m in. All I can do for now is prepare for the worst but not let it drive me to act out of fear.

Besides, what if I like the thriving drum and kick of the world afterwards? What if also the surface isn’t scarred by fire and brimstone – or after said fire and brimstone the grass grows back greener than before because all the nutrients have been cleansed and refreshed? What if the animals are different and the more unique and before unseen ones crop to the surface? Oh, the possibilities! It could be exciting!

Onto a more pleasant subject: if you have about fifty-two minutes to spare, I highly recommend the video below. It’s about Kevin Richardson who seems to have a natural talent for training and inserting himself into the social animal groups of African animals. He’ll show you in the video that wild animals are not meant to be tame pets and that it’s a full time job working closely with them. You want to be alpha? To be the head hyena, an animal that can crush your bones with its bite force? Then get ready to work to win trust, show integrity, and win a fight without throwing a single punch (you know what I mean). It comes with as many rewards as sacrifices. Ask yourself: what are you willing to sacrifice to get where you want to go? Also consider that where you want to go may not actually be the right place for you and sometimes life has a way of taking you somewhere you never expected – yet it’s just where you thrive best.

What I notice about this man the most is that he is right where he belongs.

Next week’s blog will be about reviewing the resolutions I made in one of the first posts on this blog (and the ones I made for this year). How many 2012 new years resolutions did you keep up with? All? Some? None?

Happy trails~


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