Here Comes 2013

Welcome back everyone! I hope you enjoyed your holiday season an for some people it goes on for a few more days.

So, last week I reviewed the resolutions I managed to get started which I am proud to say was the majority of them! This year I’d like to continue doing some of those as well as try a few new things. Just saying you’ll do something does not make it completed, doing it does. Whatever I do along the way I try to share with you guys and my intent is that maybe you can learn from my experience or perhaps you were apprehensive about trying something new yourself and the post including this action will help you urge yourself to go out and do it! That said, here are a few of my goals for this year:

  1. Sketch or draw something every day – it could be a doodle just do at least one!
  2. Read more books.
  3. Put more of the comic ideas in my head on paper.
  4. Take horseback riding lessons and practice to improve
  5. Keep up publishing shorts on Move a few to Amazon and maybe Kindle.
  6. Maybe find a second job?

Going along with number 1, here’s a drawing from December 31, 2012 (left) and a sketch from January 1, 2013 (right):

The winged man is a younger version of a character in The Green Book.

You can find the link to my Smashwords page in my “About” tab. Unfortunately I may have to push back the January short I intended to publish this month pending the time I spend to edit it. I’ll keep you updated.

So, ready to start new things? Set different goals? You can do it if you want to.

Until next week, happy trails~


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