Standing in the Middle

Last week I stood amongst a horse herd.

I stood in the grazing field and held out my hands and they came, covered in dust, to lick my hands, testing for sweets. Granted, I already took a few treats to one of the older horses and was following him around. I do this often when all the chores are finished: observe. I observe for artistic studies, for behavioral learning, and for the pure pleasure of all that power shifting minutely to self-nourish. The herd moves more in the cool weather. They are frisky and full of play. They jump into the small expanse of water nearby and, wet, roll in the sand, protecting their bodies before returning to graze.

Even when they do not find treats the horses still mill around me, grazing, watching, or licking my hands (then leaving behind half-munched grass). For those that stay I stroke. I scratch their sides, speak softly to them, and simply watch them. Half of my mind is noting muscle and bone structure while the other half is content to just puddle into a metaphysical box of nothing thoughts.

Being among the horses like that is not an entirely describable feeling and it did not change when the man that works there came across the field to converse with me. As we spoke more individuals from the herd come over, curiously sniffing and nosing around us, ears perked, heads low. The one I had given treats even nudges me a few times and I move obligingly, laughing. I like to imagine he was hoping more treats would tumble out of my hands once I was physically displaced because he kept at it for a while, whickering at me every so often.

I can’t wait to go again!

The more I try to describe what I’m feeling and what is going on in my head in those moments the better I get at it.  Eventually I will phase this into my writing for a character but for now I feel like I’ve been given a dose of endorphins.

horse sketches

Happy trails everyone~


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