The dog in the traffic

So here’s a little story for everyone.

It happened as I was leaving my chiropractor’s office. I was waiting in a lane behind others at a red light. There was not anything particularly special about this day. I have some ambient song playing on my stereo and I look across to my right side view mirror and there it is. Trotting between the cars in hot afternoon traffic is a little fluffy dog.

dog in traffic

Then it’s gone, moving behind an SUV’s bumper. I do a double take and stare into the mirror. That can’t really be what I saw, right? There’s no way that small fluffy dog is moving in and out of traffic. Right? The little seed of doubt is squashed, depraved of its precious package when that dog trots back into my line of view. It sniffs at the cars around it, mildly interested, peering up into the windows at the people inside who are ignorant of his presence. The light is still red for now but I’m gripping my steering wheel with both hands now. Move little doggie! I think. Get off the road! Anxious I eye the other cars around me. Does anyone else see the canine? That light could turn at any minute now and then it’ll be a mad dash across the limit line. It doesn’t have a collar that I can see and there doesn’t seem to be a pedestrian looking out for it or calling to it. Where would he have come from?

Then it happens.

The little doggie raises one hind leg and proceeds to urinate on the back tire of a green SUV. I can’t help but laugh. These busy people with busy lives and their eyes attached to the light ahead or a mobile are completely missing it! At this point I wonder if I should pull over and try to coax that dog off the road and take it to the nearby humane society but my mind is still muzzy and on autopilot so when the car in front me moves forward at the green light I feed gas to my engine. I regret not pulling over and making sure the dog was alright. I don’t even know what kind it was. I did have my camera in the car but I was too busy watching both the traffic and the dog to reach for it.

I am hoping that the next time I see something like this, I’ll pull over as soon as I can and make sure.

Not much writing was done this week but a ton of drawing was completed! Well, as in I filled a few pages in my sketchbook with multiple basic sketches. Concepts, poses, characters, requests. At least now if I”m ever bored I have a few things I can play around with!

Until next week, happy trails~


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