Vest Project – side buttons

The title describes all there really is to the post this week, guys and gals. There may be more next week but I’m digging into a plot thread for my Green Book so writing is currently sparse. Instead, I have a few photos of a vest I made and a little text about it.

Illustrations of my characters are rather fun and sometimes, when I am feeling particularly inspired, I end up drawing a piece of clothing that I would love to wear myself. However as I did not have much proficiency with a sewing machine before I lacked the obvious ability to make said items when I could not find them in shops. Now, however, I feel relatively comfortable altering items, copying patterns of clothes I already own, and making up a few easy patterns of my own. The vest below fits into the later category.

The front piece is left over from a cosplay I used the previous year. All I did was shorten the front and add the back panel resulting in the halter-neck vest I now wear over button down shirts. I’ve always loved the way this style looked and after fiddling with the front from last year I decided what the heck, if I can’t find it in a store I’ll just make the bloody thing.

Click on the picture to go the post of it on my deviantArt site where there are links in the description!

There are loops on the left side under the front panel that hook over the buttons. I wish I had a better detailed shot of the buttons because they have an inner design to them. It’s a little rumpled in the second picture but for the most part it’s a smooth fit and it feels comfortable.

It’s not form-fitting exactly and it doesn’t exactly curve with every bit if you but I may try a few different styles in the future. For now I’ll just try to recreate this one and try to sell a few in the future.

Until next week, happy trails!

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