Over Consumption – art piece

I’ve been busier than usual this week with appointments for my back, scheduling a two part MRI, working on art (illustrations), and a ton of other nonsense I’m sure would not be very interesting. Instead, enjoy this concept piece I sketched in my sketchbook and colored in photoshop:

over consumption

I’d been watching a show called “What Happens in Kavos…” for work and was rather repulsed about how people enjoyed destroying their bodies and offending their stomachs with shots of piss and other unmentionables. The concept for this was a basic burning-up-from-the-inside. Honestly I enjoy drinks, though I’m in more for the flavor than getting drunk, but there is a point where you should listen to your body. Chances are it’s trying to save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

A quick note on the Kaleidoscope series I write and publish on Smashwords: The next installment, “New Grounds,” was supposed to be released the day after Valentine’s day but due to my messy schedule it is being delayed until March 15th instead. As always I will keep you updated about it.

Ta ’til next week, guys and gals~


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