quick update

Hello, lovely people!

This week’s update is rather short and in fact consists mostly of an illustration of a scene in my larger work. I won’t be writing much for my blog this week as I’ve been spending a lot of time recently writing in said large work. I will be finishing revisions on my next Kaleidoscope series story in the next week or so, which means “New Grounds” will be coming out March 15, 2013! I may also then be able to set up the stories on the Amazon store for viewers to download at that point. Cross your fingers for me!

And here is your picture for the week!


Click on the image to see it larger on the original post site.

This image is of the main character in the Green Book. Where I am now in the book she is about fifteen but in this image she is about two decades old. This scene was written when I was still in college in an alternate version. I’ve since picked apart that version and this is one of the sections I’ve decided to keep. The robe is something gifted to her in her childhood which has a measure of significance, though as you can see it isn’t practical to blending in during her winter travels in the north. She does bring it from home for a reason, however. Besides, it’s a warm piece of clothing and she’s from the desert empire – she’s not used to the cold!

Next week I will have something longer in the works for you – maybe even something equine related! Until then I hope everyone is feeding their spirit with positive vibes and light, whether it be in the form of spending time with friends, letting out anger, or working hard to pursue your ambitions.

Happy Trails!


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