artwork in progress

I’d planned to do a longer post this week but I ran out of time. Lame excuse, I know. I’ll be preparing it and I’ll post it next week. It’s about knowing it is okay to say no and to take stock in guarding your own safety even when someone is in charge of an activity you are doing.

This week has not seen me writing much in the Green Book so far but I’ve been busy working on the next Kaleidoscope short, “New Grounds” which will be coming out on March 20th! There will be a brief promotional period when this short story will be available for free download as well! This is the story where the four main characters come en route to the city of Kaleidoscope and gather for the main plot. If you would like to read about the ones introduced so far please follow the links below directly to the stories. Currently they are only available on my Smashwords store (for various digital formats including Kindle and rtf) but I will soon be making some of them available on the Amazon store.

There was a lot of art done this week, most of it for commissioned projects. Those are unavailable for posting but I can show you two works in progress:


Want to read the stories posted for my Kaleidoscope series so far? Follow the links below!

  1. Ointment (available only on Smashwords for free)
  2. Poker Face

Until next post, happy trails!


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