Changing Titles?

I’ve started on the post about working with disabled individuals on horseback for next week but this week I’d like to just notify you of some changes happening around here.

Since I began taking a more serious attitude towards publishing my art and stories online I’ve started trying to stick to a single alias and site title name. You can see from following the links to my other sites (which I have made available to you in my “About…” page) have my name in the URL address for the most part. The titles of the sites are where the misalignment occurs: on my art site my artist name is “Amara Insevi” which is a pen name I used to use in college. It’s related in part to a character name from when I played an online MMORPG. On my Tumblr site the title on the page is “Amaranthine Rain” which is similar to the title of the the blog “Amaranth Curiosity,” which I wrote on before this one. The amaranth both of those titles base in the translation of my name (which you can also see in the “Amara” of my dA site). Clearly there is a link and I want to keep it consistent so it is as easy as possible to find and identify me across the platforms I use.

Now, I realize that between publishing a short series called Kaleidoscope based in a city entitled Kaleidoscope and then having this blog with Kaleidoscope in the title may become rather confusing. At least, to me it is confusing as I’d think this blog should pertain only to the story series when clearly it is not. As such, I want to change the title of this blog. So, if you see the title bar at the top altering over the course of this month do not be too alarmed. I hope to have everything set and squared away before May rolls around this year. Until then I’ll be fidgety, scribbling names on papers, muttering to myself in conversation and weirding out the people around me in general. Oh wait, I do that regardless. I’m told it’s amusing.

Here comes the part where I ask for your input: I am looking to getting my own main site, also hopefully in time for May. Should I have a standard “”? Some part of Amara Insevi included? Would that be confusing? I look forward to your response!

This is for you, my pretties:

Ask Kaleidoscope is a tumblr site where you can become more involved with the characters of the Kaleidoscope series! I set up this tumblr site around the same time I started working on the series. It’s a place where extra Kaleidoscope character art will go up, and also where you can ask the characters questions and see their responses. I’ll even draw you pictures of them responding – short comics or memes if you well. Go check it out!

a piece I’m entering into a contest this week

I’m still feeling a winter scene so there will probably be another like this. I’m also feeling Green Book vibes to write, which means new art for it is not far behind.

Until next week, happy trails~

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