Hissing Ducks

Alright guys and gals, I have two mini stories for you this week!

USF Botanical Gardens

During my time attending USF and studying for a biology major, I joined the veterinarian’s club. The club sent out emails, hosted events rarely, and notified members of opportunities working with animals in the area. On occasion I would help feed the feral cats on campus for the club. Every weekend a club member would pack the communal bag of dry cat food and tin food on campus and replenish the available food at key locations. I was on campus most of the time anyways without a car. If it turned out I was feeding one weekend and also hanging out with friends I’d bring my friends along to help distribute food and chase off the ducks.

Yes, I did just say chase off the ducks.

You see, by the time I finished dumping out the old icky water and filling the bowls with fresh water and food, the cats would be looking on from under bushes – but they were not alone. Prowling just behind the underfed felines was a posse of ducks. Not just any ducks, hissing ducks with cute fuzzy ducklings.

It would take only the short span of time for me to step away from the food bowls for the ducks to swoop in and chase off the cats. I’d spend a few minutes chasing off the ducks after I laid the food down just so the cats could get in a few mouthfuls. It turns out this is what the club asked me to do as best as I could in that situation. I never thought I’d see ducks bullying cats before then!

Muscovy Duck (Cairina moschata)


In my second to last year at USF I took a technical writing course. During this course we were grouped with partners to complete a project. I was placed in a group of three. One partner invited me over to get started on the project and we were walking to where she’d parked (I didn’t have a car quite at this point) and discussing the animals on campus. It was evening but there was more than enough sunlight left for us to see by. On the way she said something about the ducks being a nuisance (which was true) and we round the walkway by a series of bushes. Then, out of the shadows, it comes right for my partner, swooping low over the bushes at shoulder height: a hissing duck! My partner yelped and ducked, skipping a few steps to the side as the duck passed by inches from her head. Well, it was hilarious at the time to me. No worries, she started chuckling over it by the time we reached her truck.

walkway passing the USF bookstore, marshall center, both theaters, down to the old music building.

That’s it for this week. Like I said not much. I’ve got an article in mind for next week and possible a new art print. We’ll see how things go. On another note, my first business cards came in! I’ll upload photos for next week. Also, this coming Saturday I’ll be at the Tampa Bay Downs race track supporting Equestrian Inc at an event from 11am to 6pm. Stop by if you’ll be in the area, if not, happy trails until next Wednesday~

*Disclaimer: all the pictures in the post were taken by myself via an old cell phone.

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