sorting music and new business cards

Hey guys and gals,

I just spent longer than I should have sorting through copious new music files. Over the years I’ve acquired a lot of music and while I am aware there are plenty of people out there with music players far more loaded than my own over 2,000 songs of music that I like in such a wide variety is a lot – and the list doesn’t even include all the songs I like listening to, let alone artists.

You see, my music files contain songs that I like just because, parody songs, and then there are the songs from games and such that I’ve enjoyed. On top of that there are playlists I sort them into, several of which are themed for when I’m writing in a particular tone. Do you do this too? Perhaps you have a playlist for when you’re working, painting, sculpting, designing, etc.

That aside my last week has been rather busy. I’ve acquired several possible commissions (I’ve to discuss details further with the clients) and I’m preparing the next Kaleidoscope piece for publication. The next story in the series is entitled “Fire Concoction” and deals primarily with the character Raylan. This short in particular is  following whether or not the moody detective in training decides to stay in Kaleidoscope or not. You see, his mother Esera likes to keep him under thumb for reasons that will be revealed in the piece. It’s due out next week, hopefully uploaded and set for you to download on Wednesday evening!

As far as art I have not had a chance to do terribly much except for a concept equine piece and a minor print available on my art site:

Heal by AmaraInsevi

The concept for this piece is obvious to me, but what does it mean to you? If you click on the picture, you will be linked to my art site where you can see the process I used to compose the picture in my gallery under the “WIPs and Tutorials” folder.

Earthy Dapple by AmaraInsevi, print available just click on the picture

Also recall that I ordered business cards recently and they came in at the beginning of this month! Let me know what you think:

post cards (front & back above), business cards (back & front below)

That’s it for this week, guys n gals. Remember to try something new this week. Maybe write a journal entry, go sky diving, dance outside in the rain, or you could make a new friend/speak to a stranger. Life can be an adventure but the adventure is only what you make of it. Always always remember to celebrate your small accomplishments too, not just your huge victories. Be your own morale booster!

Take care, and happy trails until next week~

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