Delayed Publication

Hey guys and gals,

Unfortunately this week I must announce that I have to delay the publication of “Fire Concoction” for a week. I fully intended to be uploading it tonight and made available for purchase tomorrow across my book stores but as fate would have it there were some priorities I had to switch to the forefront of my schedule this past week. As such I’ve been struggling with the cover image and the last bit of edits for “Fire Concoction.”

That said, this next Kaleidoscope story is going to be longer than its predecessors. Anise and Raylan have returned to Kaleidoscope but will they stay? Anise is confronted with an old reoccuring nightmare from her past, reawakening her to questions she is determined to find answers to. A summons from Raylan’s clan head and the protection of his cousin Chloe is enough to drag him home but is it enough to make him stay? Will he find any clues to locating the girl who helped save his cousin so many years ago or will he be forced to search outside Kaleidoscope’s borders?

One of my goals with Kaleidoscope is to explore the body language and the interactions between a certain group of people. When more of the series is out I’ll give you a little insight to the research that goes on behinds the scenes for this particular series but for now just enjoy the stories as they are. They’re short with the understanding that you have a busy life and may only be able to spare a short time on break or between tasks to read.

Have any questions about Kaleidoscope or the characters? Post them on the Kaleidoscope Tumblr blog and I’ll answer them! You do not have to be a member to post questions or view the site.

Now, it is time for me to return to edits but here is a teaser work in progress shot of a print I am working on:


and off I go. I’ll be back next week with news on “Fire Concoction”‘s publication and an animal story for you! Until them, take care, and happy adventuring~


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