missed two weeks

First of all, sorry for being absent without an explanation. Things have been rather hectic.

I helped spend two days last week fighting for the life of a rescue horse at the equestrian center where I volunteer. At the end of those two days we had to put her down. She was severely emaciated and had been off her feet for too long so her back legs were not responding even when we tried to get her up in a sling. When you become involved in the lives of animals, and especially rescues, the loss of just one you’ve helped nurse impacts you greatly. Some cried, some withdrew for days, I went a little numb for the rest of the week. I had bouts of wanting to be smothered in hugs to wanting to be desolate, alone. I have been around death before but this was different for me. I love horses with all of my heart. I love being around them, I love riding and working them, I love learning about them. Spending almost every hour of two days fighting for one that had to leave us in the end was physically, mentally, and emotionally draining.

This week I am fighting through the tangle of the next Kaleidoscope piece. I ended up combining three short stories into a longer piece for “Fire Concoction” and I like the result much better. In this story we see Raylan return to Kaleidoscope but is he ready to stay this time? Will he find the girl who helped save Chloe’s life years ago? While he muddles through this Anise is kidnapped along with Raylan’s younger brother, swept along for a ride involving two major playing groups of Kaleidoscope. The released date for “Fire Concoction” is June 19, 2013. It’s under a final review and I am developing a book cover.

Would you like me to design a book cover for your work? I am accepting commissions and if you are interested please email me at kiri.ramdeo@gmail.com.

The Kaleidoscope series has a few more stories to go and then I will be shutting it down temporarily. I am still working on other projects and I will upload their descriptions here soon. If you like my writing I will be continuing this blog and will still be publishing stories. Keep your eye on this blog site and my Twitter account for updates.

Until next time, keep thinking positive thoughts, draw all that good towards you, and take care, guys n gals~

appearing in “Fire Concoction”

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