informal update

It’s an off-day post!

So, it’s been a crazy time getting everything ready for Metrocon and then sorting out everything in the aftermath. The great news is I managed to at least make back what I spent on reserving the table and I ran out of all but about ten of my 250 business cards! That means that while I did not turn a large profit, lots of people liked my art. I had several requests about commissions. I do not have a commission reference sheet up just yet as I am currently in the process of putting one together.

I still have leftover prints so if you’d like to purchase any of those please let me know. Prices ranged from $3-$10 depending on size. I had one exclusive print of a green beta on a violet field. It seems a lot of people liked the beta, however they were curious about the different colors available. Perhaps I’ll offer more choices at my next convention.


In short, I am both surprised and delighted at how many of my original prints sold. I’ll soon post a more detailed article about my first artist alley table and the results of this three day convention.

For now I have been working on a commission and doodling a lot on the side – all while nursing an odd migraine. I really want to draw more but alas, I will need some sleep. Until next time, g’night!

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