Artistic Pieces in Progress

First of all I would like to extend a thank you to the regular followers of this blog, as well as a belated welcome to new followers of this blog! If you found me via my business card from Metrocon it’s nice to be able to connect with you again! I am not currently signed up for more conventions at the moment but the minute I am I will post it to every site I am linked to to keep you in the loop! If you found me just from browsing the web or any of my other sites I’m glad to have you here~

There comes a time when every creator just has to put his or her head down and charge through work, whether it is one complex piece or several different works. During that time the creator may be unreachable and may also withdraw socially for a period of time. Please keep in mind we are trying to make something out of nothing and even for those with talent it is harder than it sounds, so welcome us back and understand that we do not aim our absence at you, we only march as best as we can to the beat of a drum pounding away in our minds. When we march well that is what produces the works you admire in our galleries and hopefully on your walls, in your music players, etc. That said, this is why I have been busy for the past few weeks:

works in progress
works in progress
animal trainer wip

Click on the images to be linked to a larger version.

Some of these are commission pieces, some are just original works I am finally getting to work on. I am also editing the next Kaleidoscope short story: Walls of the Keep. This piece is about Jaeda and Ark: they meet for the first time and you see if Ark is ready to come out of the shell he built around himself after the incident with Kendra. I have not currently designed the cover for it – who would you like to see this time?

You should also check out the Tumblr site I set up for Kaleidoscope! There you can see art of the characters and ask questions about the world and story. If you have a character you’d like to see more involved in the stories you can express so there – for example, who would like to know more about Raylan’s cousin, Chloe? Want to give your input on future cover designs? Send me a message on the Kaleidoscope Tumblr site! You can even send questions to the characters and they will respond to you on the site, isn’t that cool? Check out Ask Kaleidoscope now!

Remember, if you’re interested in any prints or commissioning me please feel free to contact me! I am still currently working on setting up an online store as well as a price range chart (I am rearranging the format to make it easy to interpret). If you are interested please contact me via email: For any other inquiries feel free to leave a message here or on my art site. All links are available on my “About” page.

Until next time, go have an adventure! Then come back and tell me about it, ey?

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