Informal Update II

Well, guys and gals, just a quick update on things I’m working on at the moment.

Art: My latest commission is finished! The only dilemma now is getting it to print properly with as many colors alive in it on gloss paper as I see on screen. This is a common problem with print artists who must rely on printers they cannot change the settings for and can be caused by a number of reasons. The most prominent problem is that when working on a computer monitor your light source is a backlight versus when the image you are working on is printed, whether it be digital art or a photographic work, the light is from an external source. Another possibility is that the printer in question may be color correcting. If you’re suffering the same problem I recommend an internet search, and try to speak with the people at the place where you are doing your printing at. If you have your own printer and are still having this issue start playing with the settings. According to my research and situation I have applied several different screen layers in Photoshop and I am hoping one of them will print out correctly. This is a technique I discovered on another blog site. I will make another attempt at printing the commission and let you know how it turns out.

Kaleidoscope: The entire series so far is available on my Smashwords store. The first story, Ointment, is available to read for free and I am currently working on the fifth installment, Walls of the Keep. You can also interact with the characters and storyline on the tumblr blog I have set up: Ask Kaleidoscope. Please feel free to ask the characters questions! For each character you ask I will submit a quick sketch of them with a reply. Maybe you’ll get luck and I’ll post a short comic strip of them. Go find out! Would you like to know more about the series from me? Directions your questions to me on that site!

Horses: my next lesson is this Thursday but I am learning a lot by being around horse-people and reading as much equine literature as I can. I do have an equine-based story in development where I am attempting to implement equine behavior, riding tips, and training hints throughout. Currently this work is a background piece. Back on the topic of horses: you will find that the more you place yourself in the presence of the things you like to do, the people you like spending time with, new avenues open up and you’ll discover possibilities that will enable you to keep doing this. What’s the best that can happen? You’ll find something worth fighting for – for yourself – and that will enable you to draw light to yourself. What about the worst thing? Well, you’ll find what you that was amazing is not something worth fighting for – but do not despair too quickly. That just means there is something else out there you may be willing to metaphorically punch back for.

Glory Kiri Odie

Next week I promise you an equine-related blog. How’s that? Enough of this indoors-y stuff, ey?

Happy exploring~

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