Dealing with Stress in Your Life

I’d like to start this week’s short post off with an image from a group that I watch on Facebook. This group primarily revolves around relationship rules between significant others but a lot of what they post is basic and can be applied to a wide variety of situations, not solely to those romantically involved.

Now, first you should be teaching yourself to recognize the situations that you are in. Teach yourself to increase your observance. Try to recognize when you are in trouble and when you can handle the situations you find yourself in. Unfortunately the only way I know to teach you this is to say: practice. Primarily you have to learn to listen to yourself. Everyone is born with instincts and everyone can make themselves more attuned to these instincts. When you find yourself floundering, take note of the steps that led up. Now here you could run into a pitfall for some people obsess over their mistakes and drag themselves down further. The key here is that you noticed them and now you can learn to improve on them.

Until then, it is okay to say, “I do not want to/cannot do this alone, please help me.” Asking for help isn’t always a sign of weakness. I think it also shows that you know how to assess your limits and you are willing to take steps to help take care of yourself. How can you do unto others if you do not start with yourself, ey? The better you learn to recognize this stress and build methods to deal with it the more likely you will be able to help others – especially those you care about – in the future.

There is some after-midnight food for thought for you.


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