Kaleidoscope Plug

This week’s post is exactly that. I am trying to get more attention to this interactive series of shorts that will be coming to a close in about another 3-6 stories. The Kaleidoscope series was a starter series, meant to help me brave the self-publishing world. For me, starting was the hardest part and I did not want to put out any of my longer works first – I just was not ready to see them go. Instead, I have this short series that started as a study on human interactions, relationships, and body language (the subtleties of communication). Everything the characters do has almost as much importance as what they say.

How is the series interactive? It’s simple: you can interact with the characters and even influence the story lines by going to its tumblr blog: Ask Kaleidoscope where you can read extra material about the characters and submit questions, comments, and requests. Go check it out!

Here are the stories out so far (and none of them will cost you more than $1.00!) as well as a preview of the next story.

Ark arrived home from a foray into the high speed life of modeling with a whole new definition of life scarring. Can his adoptive family find a way to cheer him up?

This is the first story in the Kaleidoscope series and is available only on Smashwords – but it’s FREE! Click on the image to be taken to my Smashwords store~

Raylan has left Kaleidoscope to complete his investigative internship, though he cheats a tad: he has the ability to transform into a wolf and heighten his sense of smell by 10,000! Though Raylan is trying to move forward with his life the past calls to him on one particular case and he struggles to keep focused. Will he find the hostage in time or will he be haunted by the one he couldn’t save?

Click on the image to go to the Smashwords store for the second story in the series, or buy it for your Kindle on Amazon!

It has been two years since the rescue in the cabin when the memory of the past reared its ugly head. Now Raylan has received a demand letter and this one is personal. Back home in Kaleidoscope there is a new arrival. What brings her to the valley in the mountains? In the mean time, Anise catches an upsetting broadcast on the news at work and immediately calls Ark. Will she be able to reach him?

Click on the image to go to the Smashwords store for the third story in the series, or buy it for your Kindle on Amazon!

Anise and Raylan have returned to Kaleidoscope but Raylan’s mother has laid out another plan for him. He seems willing to stay to search for the woman who saved his cousin’s life years ago. While he wades back into the clan Anise and Raylan’s younger brother are kidnapped and pulled into a power play between two of Kaleidoscope’s prominent familial organizations. Will Raylan find them in time?

Click on the image to go to the Smashwords store for the fourth story in the series, or buy it for Kindle on Amazon!

Finally, the next Kaleidoscope story will be available in November. Here’s a preview of the cover in progress:

walls of the keep preview

“Walls of the Keep” will feature Jaeda and Ark. That’s all for now, kids!

Until next week, happy exploring!


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