Starting Crafting Earrings

Did I ever post on here about the beaded rings I make?

beaded rings
beaded rings

If not, here they are. I used to make the circular ones that are small circles linked at opposite ends, but I found those fell apart too easily so until I find a different assembling medium, I will mainly be crafting the rings in three rows as you see above.

As far as my artistic skills go I write and publish stories, illustrate, and craft; I create digital prints, canvas prints, costume pieces, simple masquerade masks, beaded rings, and now I am adding handcrafted earrings!


These are a little tricky to get the hang of, especially making loops to make the dangling bits dangle but once I started understanding how to make the loops it became easier. The green pair are a tad heavy but for the most part I try to use lightweight beads and accents. If there is a heavy item I use it as the main accent piece on the earring. As it is I actually have a few metal beads from an old jewelry kit I bought years ago and until now I had forgotten about them completely. I’ve ordered more parts on Ebay to play around and experiment with.

If you want to get into making jewelry on your own I suggest buying a package of assorted gems (Ebay is a good source) and playing around with combinations and connections. If your first creations fail to meet your expectations keep going. Not everyone is a ‘natural’ and some people who are not natural can study and practice and learn to be just as good as those who have a high affinity for a particular skill.

What is next after earrings? Well, perhaps sculptures will be next. Until then, I will be stockpiling a few more jewelry pieces and then putting them up for sale on either my Storenvy Shop or on Ebay. I will definitely let you know when and where the items will be listed if you are interested. Until then you can follow me on Facebook (where you’ll have access to exclusive discounts).

Happy exploring!


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