Month: November 2013

Writing Snippets

This week has been so busy I’m not sure I have full power left for a detailed post this week.

My laptop was out of commission for a few days when the charger died. Luckily a new one came in quickly and I was able to get back to work. As such I am a little behind on completing art for a card project for Christmas. I am going to try to participate in deviantArt’s Holiday Card Project this year. I have a fun idea for a design but the deadline is approaching fast so I’ve got to crack down on a few deadlines.

A few weeks ago I told you I would be publishing one more story in my Kaleidoscope Series and would then be halting publication and work on the series for a while. This is still true. While I had to push back the final work on it into December, it will be out before the end of 2013. I am looking into making a simpler cover. I’d love to hear your opinion on the series and characters anytime though! Please check out the series on my Smashwords or Amazon Kindle store. You can interact with the story on the Ask Kaleidoscope Tumblr site and leave me a message there as well!

I’ve completed an article about a small showing that I helped Linda Owens set up in New Port Richey last month. We are trying to get it published in a magazine first before I reveal much more about it on any of my accounts. If you’re a fan of horse art – most especially the American Saddlebred – I highly suggest taking a look at her work. She is a talented artist who delves into many areas of art, such as jewelry, sculptures, paintings, etc.

I am also crafting earrings and preparing groupings of postcard sized prints for sale on my online shop. More information about them to come soon!

That’s it for this week. If you would like to see more short snippets of my writing, please go to my deviantArt gallery where there is a short, incomplete, and experimental series called “Storm Goddess” you can access free of charge!

Minimal Update

I’m not doing much this week. Spent most of it sick so I was sleeping it off and editing a futuristic novel I finished years ago. Speaking of stories, there are a few more stories in the Kaleidoscope series however I will only be publishing one more for this year and then I will be shutting down the series for a while. You may have read before that the purpose of the series was to help me overcome the hesitation to start self-publishing and I believe it is adequate to say that it has indeed accomplished its goal. Nevertheless, I am not adverse to publishing more art pieces of its characters but I believe there is other written work that deserves my attention (and spreading myself too thin on projects leaves less time to do them properly).

As far as arts I’ve started a few more prints, I plan on participating in a holiday card project, I assembled a few earrings, and I possibly have an artist’s table for the opening year at Evil Con in January 3-5 of 2014! Possibly. It’ll be hosted at the Sheraton Tampa East hotel. The theme for their first convention is Villany! For more information about the convention visit the site via the link above. For more information on the table, well, I’ll know for sure by December 20th if I’m going or not.

Until then, I’ll just go ahead and leave these here for now~

Link to my Storenvy Shop where you can purchase prints! Other crafts (i.e. rings, earrings, paintings, sculptures, etc.) coming soon~

I also have an artist page on Facebook. Like it to access exclusive discounts in the future! Kiri Ramdeo’s Facebook Artist Page

These are a mixed collection of post card sized prints I will be offering in bundle packages soon on my Storenvy shop! Keep an eye out for the post announcing their availability!
These are a mixed collection of post card sized prints I will be offering in bundle packages soon on my Storenvy shop! Keep an eye out for the post announcing their availability!