Month: December 2013

Niah Book Character

I believe I have mentioned a novel that I pet named the “Niah Book” here at least once. One day I will do a proper outline of the projects I have in line and I will post it. I saw a lovely template on how to do so by artist Wenqing Yan (Yuumei). Anyways, I have completed two Niah Book novels. “Completed” as in they are written and adjusted but not formally edited. That process starts now. I am starting with the second book in this process although traditionally you should start with book one. The reason is that I am quite happy with the arrangement and plot elements in book two. Book one needs a bit more work. By the time I realized I wanted to change a few major things in book one I was already editing book two. So, in favor of not being chaotically haphazard about this futuristic pair of novels I am going to finish editing book two before I mix the batter for book one.

That does not stop me from thinking abut the possible alterations to book one, however. As a result I have a potential merge character for book one and I wanted to flesh her out and ‘play’ with her before I made the solid decision to merge the characters in book one (or I could also delete a few characters in book one and have her in place of them). As part of ‘playing’ with her I have entered her into a role playing group. I have never done this before but we shall see what comes of it. Look to the design below!

Merda Insevi
Merda Insevi

Click on the image to be taken to a larger image and fuller description of the character. While I do not do this for all my characters I do something similar for major characters or highly influential characters in a story.

If you see any gaps or unexplained pieces let me know. The more questions and inquiries I receive about character or plot the better developed they become.

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Horse Gear and Treats

One thing I have noticed over the years about my creativity and its relation to horses is that one inspires the other. The more art I do, the more I want to ride. The more riding I do the more I want to do art or writing. Unfortunately, doing both at the same time is not something I have found to be quite possible yet – not unless you count riding itself as an art which, at a certain level and with a certain attitude, I believe it is.

That said, being with horses does not mean only riding, it means learning a high volume of information with everything associated with them as well.

When acquiring the gear for riding make sure you know the proper care for your equipment. The better condition your gear is in the better it will take care of you. For example: your riding helmet should be replaced every five years or right after you land on it from a fall. Once the styrofoam inside is compressed it’s of no use protecting your skull which, along with your heart, is the main driving center for your body and therefor your life. It is of upmost importance to protect your head. However, this does not mean you need to buy the most expensive helmet out there. The helmet should feel secure around your head and should be loose enough that it does not cause you a headache but tight enough that when you move one side up-down or side-side your eyebrows move with no effort. If you are unsure of the fit ask the sales representative or take along a more experienced equestrian to help you.

Riding with a helmet

Follow this link for a helpful guide on how to properly fit your riding helmet.

A knowledgeable equestrian may also caution you against feeding a horse too many treats. A grazing wild horse may treat itself to a patch of sweet grass when grazing or a romp in the dust or with its pals. Domestic horses, however, enjoy a wide variety of treats including sugar cubes, apples, carrots, and commercially made treats. There are many horses who also do not understand the concept of treats. Some race or show horses may not know what to do when you offer them an apple or sugar cube and turn up their nose at it. This week I learned from a veterinarian that you can teach a horse who is new to treats to chew them in the back of their mouth instead of fumbling with their front teeth by pushing a piece of the treat back into their cheek. You can also feed the same treat to another horse who enjoys them where the new horse can see. Horse see horse do, ey? A copious amount of treats can be harmful for your horse, and you also want to be careful you are not ‘treating’ a horse to something that could be detrimental to its health. Too many treats can increase your horse’s chances of developing colic and becoming sick, or developing laminitis and foundering.

“The Do’s and Dont’s of Feeding Treats”

Click on the picture above to read a brief article on some dos and don’t when feeding treats – or follow this link.

This week has been full of horse-related activities for me so unfortunately I do not have any art for you. I am, however, days from making my handmade jewelry available for purchase this month on my storenvy shop, along with the current sale! I am in the process of acquiring new prints for the new year and will probably be at a convention in Tampa January 3-5 called Evilcon selling prints and new jewelry! It is Evilcon’s first year and while not as big as Metrocon, has a lot of promise in planning and concept.

Until next week, happy exploring!

Reminder – Post Change

Hey guys and gals! This is just a reminder that I’ll be moving regular 1 week posts to Saturday in an attempt to cut down on the recently increased occurrence of missed posts. I hope all is going will with you, and I’ll see you in a few days!


still working on this piece
still working on this piece

Website Startup

Hey guys n gals!

This week I started a few new art pieces. I will probably also be participating in a holiday card project that deviantArt is putting on. I’ll be selling a few items on ebay for the holidays, which will be including a chance for free prints from me so keep your eye out for those deals! I will also be uploading new items to my storenvy shop soon, including the earrings I have been crafting by hand!

The biggest news for this week is that I am preparing a main site to direct watchers and fans! I am hoping this will help organize everything in one spot as I have a few sites I keep up on. The site is still under construction but you can still check it out and keep an eye on it here:

Another main point on posts: I will be moving posts to Saturdays starting next week. I did try Wednesdays and Thursdays for a time but those days have grown to be my busiest days of the week now. To celebrate, I will be doing a post on horses next week!

Finally, I would like to ask you: which posts do you like most so far? The ones circulating around my art? The ones with tidbits about horses and what I learn from them? Please feel free to drop me a comment below and let me know! I would help me greatly if you could help give me feedback.

Until next Saturday!