Niah Book Character

I believe I have mentioned a novel that I pet named the “Niah Book” here at least once. One day I will do a proper outline of the projects I have in line and I will post it. I saw a lovely template on how to do so by artist Wenqing Yan (Yuumei). Anyways, I have completed two Niah Book novels. “Completed” as in they are written and adjusted but not formally edited. That process starts now. I am starting with the second book in this process although traditionally you should start with book one. The reason is that I am quite happy with the arrangement and plot elements in book two. Book one needs a bit more work. By the time I realized I wanted to change a few major things in book one I was already editing book two. So, in favor of not being chaotically haphazard about this futuristic pair of novels I am going to finish editing book two before I mix the batter for book one.

That does not stop me from thinking abut the possible alterations to book one, however. As a result I have a potential merge character for book one and I wanted to flesh her out and ‘play’ with her before I made the solid decision to merge the characters in book one (or I could also delete a few characters in book one and have her in place of them). As part of ‘playing’ with her I have entered her into a role playing group. I have never done this before but we shall see what comes of it. Look to the design below!

Merda Insevi
Merda Insevi

Click on the image to be taken to a larger image and fuller description of the character. While I do not do this for all my characters I do something similar for major characters or highly influential characters in a story.

If you see any gaps or unexplained pieces let me know. The more questions and inquiries I receive about character or plot the better developed they become.

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