Post Holiday Post

Whether you were working, sick, or celebrating time off this holiday season I hope you had a good time and spent it making at least one good memory to write home about!

It was holiday madness over here but I still managed to start a few art projects. I have messages from you to catch up on and a possible comic to start (the script is completed and not written by me), as well as the never ending list of projects to start. I have found an online printing company that I am going to order preliminary prints from to add stock to my shop online and I have a few more items to list up on ebay. Recently I have also found a wonderful sorting container for my earring supplies and the more organized I make my supply the more inspired I feel to put pieces together! I’ll take a photo soon and share it in a post.

As it is I have not much remarkable to say in this post other than to share a few in progress shots.

random chibis

Click the images to be taken to the original postings on my deviantArt site!

Visit my storenvy shop where a few items will be on sale for a week more!


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