Original Saddlebred Artwork On Display in Florida

If any artist can show us that creative people are a timeless treasure it is Linda Owens, also known as LOWEN.

Unique productions from her studio have been sold to people all over the continental United States and she is not done producing yet. On Tuesday, October 29, 2013 a wine and cheese art exhibition was held in her honor at the New Port Inn in New Port Richey, Florida. A collection of her renowned works were showcased including sculptures, paintings, jewelry, hand painted jewelry boxes, and life sized crystal mosaic horse heads.

Sculptures of horses poised in spirit took up every surface available and colorful paintings graced the walls of the lobby.

Near the beginning of the event Linda brought out a life sized foam horse head. She gave a brief demonstration on how she created the mosaic Saddlebred horse heads, which at this time no one else is known for designing. She composed the foam headpiece and outlined the materials she implemented in her process. After the presentation she hosted a question and answer session and posed for photos with attending guests.

Linda Owens is pictured in the center with her horse head sculpture

Linda lived in Colorado for over forty years as founder and matriarch of the well known Saddlebred stables, Gloraloma, which was a major contributor to the Saddlebred world and served as a main educator to the public. After a nearly fatal experience with pneumonia she spent three years in Mexico, Missouri at the historical house of noted horsemen, Arthur and Jim Simmons.

For the last few years she has resided in Florida.



2 thoughts on “Original Saddlebred Artwork On Display in Florida

  1. I LOVE all of what you have done here my Sweet Baby Girl! Thank you for including me with my horse sculptures! I just today saw this! You are SO SPECIAL and unusual and I wish and pray your way to be paved in gold! Keep up the wonderment. The higher world needs to know you!

    1. Thank you so much! There’s always wonder out there and I keep finding more to delve into. Thank you also for taking the time to read here!

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