Mass Handcrafted Earrings

Ready to see the reasons I have been busy for the past few weeks? I can show you one of them (the informational video is not yet complete).

mass earrings
handcrafted earrings
(click on the image to be taken to the dA page post about them)

I have been spending most of my time sorting the beads and pendants I ordered, crafting earrings and, recently, bracelets. That’s the easy part. The longest part is photographing them and packaging them in preparation for listing and mailing. While it can be tedious it’s also soothing. In fact I find myself having trouble parting with some of them. That said, I do keep some for myself. Most of the supplies I use are metal alloy, acrylic beads, glass beads, crystal beads, and stretch line for bracelets. I do still plan on making rings but I want to get more comfortable with a new binding material I found.

So far, the hardest part about assembling them was getting started. I had to teach myself to stop scaring myself out of even trying. Once I started it easy! Next step is to experiment with fancy wire assemblies but before that I’d like to get through a few digital art pieces. That’s right, more art is coming!

As soon as they are up I will publish a post letting you know where to go to find out more and purchase any if your are interested!

Happy Saturday!

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