Artisan Earrings and Bracelets for Sale!

It’s official! I now have earrings listed and available for sale on eBay. Please visit my account, kiriramdeo, and browse the items available for sale. I have earrings, bracelets, and matching earring and bracelet sets which are assembled with a wide variety of materials (crystal, rondelle crystal, glass, bronze alloy, tibetan silver, Swarvoski crystal, zinc alloy, gold, etc.). I’d also advise you to keep checking periodically as either an item may be relisted if unsold and also to keep an eye out for new items. I have four to five new items scheduled for listing over the next week and a half so far. Each item is personally assembled by me and as such are unique.

Collection Cover

Now, I am aware that some people have allergies to alloy metals. Would you recommend using sterling silver hooks in some cases or hypoallergenic metal? What’s your experience with it? Please let me know in a comment!

Until next week, happy exploring!

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