My Current Web Presence

Hey guys and gals!

Thanks for checking in and keeping up – and exploring! I highly encourage exploring. Thing is I have so much going on I’m having to relearn how to balance the sites I maintain and prioritize how much I maintain on a particular site.

This will be made slightly easier by that for the first time in a long time I will not have to wake up Sunday to prepare myself to work in a significantly hostile environment. While things will be scary for a while I believe I will be able to handle the challenges that come with my new position and keep moving forward. As it is this post comes in a day later than expected and it is mostly a run down of the sites have up right now (in the order of currently most maintained from top to bottom):

Kiri’s Amaranthine Rain 
Wordpress blog with links to most of my other accounts, including my old blog site. Here I try to have weekly updates on what I’ve been up to, my creative process, and short blurbs/articles on things that interest me – and subsequently influence my creative process. Major updates are also posted here.

Kiri Ramdeo on eBay 
My ebay account where I sell most of my original and unique artisan earrings – go check out my shop! I also sell used items here such as book series, horse blankets, and other assorted items.

Kiri’s Store 
Storenvy shop where the most of my items are available for sale. I’m in the process of having some poster sized prints completed and mailed in. There are a mix of items available from art prints, rear view mirror decorations, and earrings. There are a few items listed that are in development and will be available soon~

Kiri Ramdeo on Facebook 
Facebook page with artist information. I post updates when blogs are available and there are major updates and information available. If you like the page you’ll be able to qualify for exclusive discounts from my storenvy shop! 
Homepage that I’ve just set up! The site is still under construction but be sure to check back for updates! Eventually the main spot to contact me regarding commissions will be this site. Until then feel free to contact me here on dA or via email when commissions are open!

Amaranthine Rain 
Tumblr that is mostly automatically updated whenever there is a new blog post.

Twitter which automatically updates every time there is a new blog post.

Howrse account. I play occasionally and for fun. Often I go through phases when I sell a ton of horses in the auction. Feel free to add me as a friend!


Until next week, happy exploring!


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