Items for Sale

Hey guys and gals!

I planned to post about underwater rivers today more in the format of a Ratified Research post but I want to conduct more research on the topic before I make it available for you guys.

Until then, I want to bring your attention to items I have for sale on eBay, like these unicorn gateway earrings that have a bid on them!

Unicorn Gateway Earrings

Perhaps you’re looking for accent pieces for St. Patrick’s Day coming up later this month? Check these out!

St. Patrick’s Day themed set
***Click on the images to be taken to the sale pages where the items are available for purchase.

Or perhaps you want something green that is not specifically for St. Patrick’s Day? I have a number of other sets available. If you do not want jewelry perhaps you’d be interested in the gently read manga books such as Full Metal Alchemist or Crescent Moon. Bid/buy them before they’re gone! Also up for your consideration is this Aludin statue from Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

Aludin statue

Either way I would like to thank you for checking in and spreading the word about me. I will be working on some digital art this weekend. I may post a few works in progress during next week.

Until then what have you been up to? Have you had any adventures recently? Tell me about it on my Facebook page! I would love to hear from you. Happy travels!

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