Month: April 2014

In Short

So there will be no extensive post this week due to some internet problems I’ve been having. However, please enjoy a work in progress and the following message about pursuing your preferred profession:

It is not going to be easy. If it is easy, it may not always be that way. There will be times when you are scraping bottom to pay those bills, there will be times when you receive less than is deserving for your time and labor.

This link was posted on Facebook and, curious, I read it: What I Wish I Knew After My MFA Ended. Why was I curious? If I continued my studies from undergraduate I probably would have gone into an MFA. While I do not agree with the entire text perhaps it can be helpful to those of you who are struggling and feeling like every try you execute is being beat down on an anvil with a harsh hammer wielder.

As for me, a whole essay later and the essential message could be summed up in two phrases: Don’t worry so much. Keep going.

The next post will be more substantial. Until then, happy exploring~

work in progress

People, Horses, and Halitosis

So, I’ve been looking at my old blog and I miss writing “ratified research” type posts. I have found that usually my readers like these. Sharing what I interpret with you helps me organize the material for long term memory and perhaps teaches you something you did not know before! Here we go, and in the future, look out for the “Ratified Research” category tag at the side column for more like these.

Sometimes when I am around a horse I will rub its forehead, scratch its nose, and smell its breath – sometimes it smells mine! The horse raises its nose to my cheek and breathes, flaring its nostrils as though it is trying to smell what I am smelling. I read once that this is a greeting so I will breathe with the horse. You can learn a few things about the horse just from the smell of its breath, the same as with people! In my experience a horse’s breath is an unnamed sweet smell, or of what the horse has just eaten (grain, grass from grazing, peppermint, apples, hay). However, there are times when the smell of the horse’s breath causes me to recoil.

In people, the smell of bad breath can be cause by a variety of things: smelly food (onions, garlic, anchovies, etc), lack of brushing, gingivitis, an ongoing illness, respiratory tract infections, and bacteria sitting on the tongue. Bacteria on the tongue is the most common cause  of halitosis as these munch on food particles and produce gases. Bad breath in horses roots from similar causes, like an abscessed tooth, a tumor, or an advanced lung infection (e.g. pneumonia). The most common of these reasons is from not eating in an extended period of time. You see, when we eat saliva production is stimulated and the bacteria is scrubbed from the tongue. If you approach a domesticated horse that has been grazing in the fields their breath is more likely to smell sweet or “grassy” as the saliva is flushing organisms from their mouth as they graze. That said, what do you think a malnourished horse’s breath would smell like? One that is gaunt in the face with ribs protruding from its sides?

Bad breath can also come with some discharge from the horse’s nose. Most of the time this is not serious and could be attributed to something as simple as allergies. Yes, horses get those too. Like the human body the horse’s body can rectify the more common and minor causes of discharge in a few hours or a few days. However, nasal discharge can also indicate bacterial infections, respiratory infections, nasal lacrimal problems, tumors, blockage of the esophagus, toxic plant effects, and can even indicate choking. A choking horse is a serious matter. Horses cannot regurgitate as humans can – in other words horses cannot vomit. All you can do to help in this case is to call a vet and be prepared – perhaps a few tips on this will help. Keep in mind that any discharge from the horse’s nose does not automatically indicate choking. Discharges can range through some of these:

Each discharge can be caused by something different and indicate different severities. Bleeding from the nostrils, for example, can be cause by anything from excessive workout to a tumor. A horse bleeding from the nose should have an endoscopy to find the root of the problem as that is the only way to treat the horse. Remember, when it comes to medicine symptoms are indications of a root problem. It is like when you see the discoloration and wilting of leaves on an oak. This can be caused by oak wilt, a fungus infection which spread unseen by insects or through the roots of the tree.

If you smell bad breath from or see some discharge on your horse’s nose don’t worry too much, it could be they haven’t eaten in a while, especially if you keep them in stall for a long period of time. However, if your horse’s breath becomes particularly malodorous, or the condition continues, ask your veterinarian to investigate. In any case if there is something happening that you are unsure of or worried about I always found it was best to ask questions – ask lots of questions – before you panic. You could be more capable of handling the problem than you think~


Here’s some updated art centered on horse healing. In fact I’ve been reworking a lot of the presentation for my art so you can enjoy the image focus without a massive watermark distracting you. Click on the picture to follow the link to my art gallery and see more! This picture may be available as a print soon. Keep an eye on my Storenvy shop. You can find a link to all these places on the “About” tab above.

Learning can enrich your understanding and enjoyment of life. I have had the benefit of a few phenomenal teachers in my life and they always encouraged me to keep going, to realize my potential and capacity for knowledge. The best foundation I had when I started to ride horses was a great teacher. The best foundation I had for gaining knowledge was a great teacher. Granted I took it upon myself to search and pursue what I desired to know and the teachers on my path helped me along. Sometimes I catch myself when I falter. Sometimes a mentor helps me climb a cliff here and there.

Until next week my lovelies!


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New Things!

My order for Shilin’s Carciphona book 4 arrived today! I’m excited to see what happens next. The packaging is so pretty, I don’t want to take the book or card out yet.

Carciphona Vol. 4 by Shilin Huang

I’ve purchased and read the first three volumes and I like the flow of the stories and art. Shilin has developed a great sense for presentation. I’ve always admired her perseverance and style. It has been a joy to watch her art develop over the years and she inspires me to keep going – to keep trying. That what I want is possible. So here I go, cheer me on!

Anklet and Earrings made by Me

These are two of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I made both of them and the colors just draw me to them. There are many more new pieces that are crafted and ready for photographing. Look forward to the postings of them soon! Until then you can view my artisan pieces for sale on one of three places: Etsy, Storenvy, and eBay. I’m testing out the market areas as I am not sure which I prefer more. So far the most successful for garnering attention and purchases has been eBay. What do you think? Any advice?

Until next week, happy exploring!

The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West

Hey guys and gals! I’ve been doing a ton of research and collecting references to ascertain how I should price digital print commissions. I’ve printed rates from artists who exhibit skill that I feel I am in the realm of and I will be comparing them to set up my own rates chart soon. Things are moving forward!

Anyways, recently I finished reading this book:

Heavenly Horse cover
The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West by Mary Stanton

I found it online during a general search for horse books intending to read and learn how to write equine fiction better from it as I am developing my own equine-centralized book, Whisper of Winds. I did learn how to make quick references to key equine behavior and how to integrate useful information about horses in with the action and conversations, though the style in which the book is written is not what I leaning towards for Whisper of Winds. The theme and style of Mary Stanton’s book is directed much after Watership Down by Richard Adams, and while I have read his novel and admittedly enjoyed the storyline I did not feel fully engaged with the book itself. This seemed odd to me as I read and collected Mary Stanton’s other series, Unicorns of Balinor in elementary school and thoroughly enjoyed those (in fact I still have them in a storage container to take with me in an emergency). For my purposes the book served me well enough and I took notations of what I wanted to help improve Whisper of Winds.

That said I would recommend The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West at least for a one time read, especially if you are looking for an equine book centered around balance, compromise, faith, and patience. The equines have their own theology, which is composed of founding stallions and mares who have laid down laws for them during their time in the world of men. Each member of the herd has a role and there is a chain of command which Duchess, the main characters, has a hard time accepting after the scarring events of her past. Duchess embarks on a journey where she has to learn to balance her insecurities of the past and accept faith and rely on her instincts to ensure her future. Learning to balance all of this she struggles to be patient with those she considers outsiders at first but eventually learns to accept them as friends along her travels. It is not an easy road as she is all that stands between balance and destruction of two great influential powers.

If you’d like to purchase my copy it will be up for sale on eBay along with other used books, games, and a collection of various other items. To find the listing on eBay, simply click on the image above to be linked directly or follow this link to where it will be available and relisted until sold.

Until next post, happy exploring!