In Short

So there will be no extensive post this week due to some internet problems I’ve been having. However, please enjoy a work in progress and the following message about pursuing your preferred profession:

It is not going to be easy. If it is easy, it may not always be that way. There will be times when you are scraping bottom to pay those bills, there will be times when you receive less than is deserving for your time and labor.

This link was posted on Facebook and, curious, I read it: What I Wish I Knew After My MFA Ended. Why was I curious? If I continued my studies from undergraduate I probably would have gone into an MFA. While I do not agree with the entire text perhaps it can be helpful to those of you who are struggling and feeling like every try you execute is being beat down on an anvil with a harsh hammer wielder.

As for me, a whole essay later and the essential message could be summed up in two phrases: Don’t worry so much. Keep going.

The next post will be more substantial. Until then, happy exploring~

work in progress

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