Underwater Rivers!

Remember that liquid density experiment you did when you were younger? The one where you poured as many different liquids into a container as you could and then dropped items into it to see what held them up?

Liquid Density Tower

Well, get ready for a life sized alternate version of it! It’s called an underwater river an it manifests in nature under select conditions.

Underwater Rivers

How does this happen? Well, like with the first picture of experimental liquids, it is a matter of density. In Mexico “the natural formation occurs when hydrogen sulfate mixes with saltwater causing it to be much heavier than regular salt water. The mixture sinks to the bottom, forming a distinct separation that flows like a river.”1 These rivers have also formed in sub-tropical regions and can be present throughout the year. The high density water can cut deep through the ocean floor just like the land bound rivers can. One such river cuts through the Black Sea, and another winds in the waters off the coast of Australia.2 Isn’t that fascinating?

I hope all is well on your end and you are exploring and learning about the things that interest you. Keep moving forward~



  1. Mexico Underwater River – The Huffington Post
  2. Underwater ‘Rivers’ Discovered on Ocean Floor – Lifescience

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