Commission Price Guide

Hey guys and gals! The major update this week is my Commission Price Guide! I have complied a chart to display my digital artwork commission prices. Though the chart is displayed below please also click on the image or read below for detailed information on how commissions work.


:bulletred: NOTES :bulletred: 
– the price will vary depending on detail. I am open to discussion. 
– your base commission comes with one main subject plus a small pet/companion
– additional characters are 1/2 of the base price
– at the moment I only accept payment through Paypal
– I do not start a commission until you have paid (remember, I am operating on the assumption that you are commissioning me because you like the style of my work)
– you may use the work for personal purposes only – no commercialization. If you wish to purchase the copyrights for commercial purposes please contact me regarding this.
– I reserve the right to use any art I produce for personal showcasing – you keep the rights to any characters you own.

:bulletgreen: PLEASE PROVIDE ME WITH :bulletgreen:
– type of commission you want (EX: full body – color sketch, chibi – lines, waist up – detail color, full body – lines & flat colors, etc.)
– references

:bulletblue: NOTIFY ME IF YOU :bulletblue:
– want a quote before establishing you want a commissions
– prefer a type of background (this can affect the price of your piece)
– have a pressing deadline

Will do: 
– humans, animals, creatures, humanoids, curries, etc.
– gore, sexual themes, illustration, poses, expressions

Will not do:
– explicitly violent depictions
– explicitly sexual themes

Happy exploring~


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