In the worlds of one of my oldest teachers: take chances, get messy, and make mistakes. Learn constantly, take in data with all your senses. Do not worry if you have too much to digest or if you do not have the equipment or knowledge yet to process sections of it. More will come with more you learn. Ask questions. I do not believe I should tell you to not be afraid, but rather to take action despite your fear. For example, sometimes recently I am nervous getting up on a horse because for some reason I do not feel as balanced as I used to be. However, I want to learn to balanced as I once was. How do I know this? While I am no master yet I have ridden horses who have sidled, pivoted or spooked suddenly and I stayed glued to their backs. The only time I have come off so far is because I wanted to get off the horse. I refuse to let nerves get in my way. If one way does not work then there must be another way. Try. What if you fail? Well if you want it try again. What if you failed and you’ve discovered the something is not for you? Then at least you tried. The best part would be if you also learned from the experience. No one was born knowing everything. If we were, what would be the point?

I believe being brave is taking action or speaking up despite nerves, or fear – despite being unsure, because how else do you figure out who you are? If anything, do it for you~



I am offering prize art for a contest that recently finished. I’m sure I’ll be sharing the art with you once it is completed. Until next post, keep exploring~


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