Words Are Hard

Assembling a phrase to deliver the message you want can be hard. Another person will bring their own experiences and definitions for loaded words to a conversation and interaction. The words you say or the picture you paint will speak differently to different groups of people – or even just individuals. I believe humans have a great gift of communication and as such they should use it to their advantage when trying to connect with others. That does not mean we have to speak the same language, be on or from the same continent, or forget any connection we have with an animal. Take for example a section from a post I wrote about Dragonheart:

Everything in the costume …[department] was made by hand by 23 nations. The  Dragonheart team put out a shirt with the text, “The United Nations of Dragonheart” … The nation list includes those who were Italian, English, Japanese, Australian, Mavanian, Slovenian, Bohemian, Spaniard, … “Even when we could not understand each other’s languages we certainly recognized each other’s skills and talents,” said Rob Cohen. “I think it’s very admirable when people can connect like that.”

Connection can happen for people on a different level than just words, or pictures, or actions. Connection can also happen on a level of energy, of spirit. It can happen in friendships and in relationships between significant others.

I receive updates from “Relationship Rules” onFacebook because often it has great and funny advice that applies not only to a relationship with a significant other but also to friendships. I also receive wavelengths of inspiration from the pieces of advice for art, namely emotional inspiration to put into pictures and illustrations. Over the past year I have neglected reading them and forgotten how much simple words can speak to complex ideas and images I hold at my core. Luckily with the new updates system on Facebook I’ve made sure they’re coming to my attention again. There are so many good ones I want to share with you but today I will highlight three.




This quote in particular is not just about what is said in this instance but it is of knowing value, specifically of yourself and the people around you. Granted this can be hard to discern sometimes. There are plenty of people out there acting and concealing. No matter who you are you will encounter these types of people. The way I think about it is this: the casing can be as beautiful as it wants to be. It can be gorgeous beyond reckoning or in just the way you prefer, but if you open it and a smirking, festering rotting flesh blob fills the inside why would you invest in the bag? It’s just an analogy. Yes, I’m looking at you smart alecks. My point being that sometimes you’re going to have to show and tell people how you want – or do not – to be treated. Not everyone is going to see how many diamonds are under your skin (neither do I suggest throwing yourself in front of cars to test if you’re made of dense sparkling marble). There are times you’ll have to be tough, to include yourself, speak up for yourself, and say no for yourself. You are within your human rights to protect and look after you.

When it gets too loud in your life, or you find yourself in the wrong place, or the thoughts are zinging around your head like a whirlwind ready to suck everything into oblivion – remove yourself. In whatever way is best for you, physically remove yourself from the situation to sort yourself out. If its your thoughts, imagine you are in a bubble, or an impenetrable room, whatever is best for you, and shove everything out. When something tries to get in imagine it bouncing off the outside like objects in space, or burning up in fire.

“Shielding” by Honez on dA (click the image to be taken to the original post)

How do I interpret all this from the simpler quote above? Well, I believe that what you do for yourself, others will see you doing and appreciate the care you take. If not, perhaps they do not do the same for themselves, so how will they value you? I understand forgiving them because you like having them in your life but there should be nothing so cross-eyed as keeping yourself purposely in a poisonous situation.

That’s my splurb for the week. The next post will probably be about art~

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