Metrocon Update and Completed Art

Hey guys and gals! So it is official, I will be selling art, jewelry, and other crafts at Metrocon in Tampa next weekend! I’m so excited I had a dream about it last night. I have some new prints ordered, a fresh display, artisan jewelry, division two’s captain’s jacket from Bleach, and some other goodies! Entry is free, you can attend panels and purchase art and knickknacks at the Artist Alley , take pictures with costumers, and more! However you will need to purchase a pass if you want to visit the large vending room or watch stage events like the human chess match. If you are in the area come stop by – I’ll be at table G20 (click the link to see a map). I will have a diagram up for you. Once my merchandise arrives I’ll post some picture of it for you to see. Keep an eye out here, my deviantArt gallery, or my Facebook page to keep updated!

For now here’s a look a my most recently completed pieces! They are prize art for the two first place winners of a costume and flash literature contest held by “The OC Consortium” on deviantArt.

Prizeart for IckleVoldiePoo
“Pixie” Prize Art for IckleVoldiePoo

Full color and line art~

“Charlotte and Pumpkin Pie” Prize Art for MeoAgcat

Detailed shading illustration~

Remember guys and gals, even a small step is a move forward to head towards what you want. You don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step – go with it and trust yourself to handle what happens along the way. Until next week, have some fun!

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